Cloud ERP Revolution Hits Manufacturing

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Cloud ERP Revolution has officially arrived on the manufacturing shores of the USA; the ERP Revolution is here. This was the message from Santa Clarita Consultants, a provider of cloud business management platforms and enterprise application suites when they recently announced its intentions to enhance the ERP market in the USA.

The USA market plays a part in an ever-expanding portfolio of business clients ranging from local, national and international small to mid-sized organizations. Businesses across geographies and sizes realize the game-changing benefits Cloud ERP, integrated with business applications, like CRM, WMS, and MOM/MES bring to an active-growth-scaling enterprise strategy.

At a recent lunch, our CEO, Gerald Poe, said:

"Fast-growth is moving manufacturers forward and we are thrilled to be an SYSPRO partner. We understand the value of Cloud ERP and know how to apply the best value to maximize benefits for local business."

"The Cloud-ERP market is evolving at a rapid pace, according to IDC -more than 90% of enterprise applications deployed are built from scratch for SaaS. Cloud revenues are growing five times faster than packaged software."  

Gerry Poe went on to say:

"The ERP Cloud Revolution for Manufacturers; Include everyone, anywhere, on any device. SYSPRO 8 allows companies to tailor their business management applications to fit their exact needs, no matter how specific their requirements. SYSPRO ERP empowers your people. Your business doesn't confine itself to four walls, why should the people that impact your business be?"  

"SYSPRO 8 is so far ahead of competitors, capturing the market is merely a formality. We offer our customers more choice, and we see a huge demand for cloud-capable solutions. SYSPRO impressed us with its core offering, licensing flexibility and customer-friendly model. We are excited to introduce SYSPRO 8 into the USA."  he added.

Gerry says: 

SYSPRO ERP Version 8"Unlike other Cloud ERP products, SYSPRO positions itself on helping companies empower their employees. For SYSPRO 8, mobility is yet another capability with which the needs of their customers are met, while opening up new profit streams." 

"Successful companies know the value of having control and visibility within their business. SYSPRO 8 enables you to drive growth, manage costs, and be productive," he concludes.


ERP anywhere is coming of age, SYSPRO 8 is enhanced for global companies advantage. While remaining user-friendly and highly functional in all areas; accounting, manufacturing, distribution, and integrated enterprise process management. ERP must not be defined by stockades or single minded scopes. ERP Cloud Revolution for Manufacturing is taking place today. We welcome the opportunity to serve you and assist your company in adoption of what ultimately is a must-do for any enterprise scaling beyond limits.

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