Your SYSPRO Partner

As an SYSPRO Partner: Supply Chain Coalition provides the best enterprise software (ERP) technology which can develop new markets, solve problems, and open the doors to new possibilities.  The SYSPRO Porsche Movie gives an indication as to how.

Supply Chain Coalition is an SYSPRO Partner and enterprise consulting services company which doesn't believe in big-bang approaches or seemingly endless sales pitches.

At Supply Chain Coalition, we’re taking a leading role by using research and industrial solution capabilities to develop life-changing innovations.

You will receive flexibility and dedication combined with our 28 years of experience helping businesses achieve success with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software services. 

Our team's holistic approach to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)  helps to meet efficiency and competitive requirements by combining thought leadership with an automated means to achieve sustainable results. Focused on developing your solution, matching how your people really work using best of breed technology and best practices. 

At 25+ years in business, Supply Chain Coalition is one of the longest-standing enterprise support providers in the market.

Supply Chain Coalition has continued to develop a robust off-the-shelf suite of solutions since its inception over 25 years ago. This model ensures maintenance dollars get reinvested into products you trust.

Supply Chain Coalition is an independent supplier of enterprise solutions here today and tomorrow to serve your changing needs.

Supply Chain Coalition is trusted by our clients.

Scalable Solutions
Supply Chain Coalition covers the extended line of business and functional requirements for how your business operates today as well as the flexibility and architecture allowing scalability for the future.

Low Risk/Future Proof
Because Supply Chain Coalition’ 30+ years focus on reliable solutions, this same product lineage since day one and our consistent customer driven product attention, you are assured the single right decision for Santa Clarita Consultants today will also be the right decision in the many years to come.

Price Point/Value for Dollar
Supply Chain Coalition is known for functional value for your investment dollar. You simply can’t beat us – dollar for dollar, Santa Clarita Consultants provides the maximum core toolsets for integration where you may need expansion based on your unique needs.

Multi-Dimensional Support
Supply Chain Coalition provides a tiered approach ensuring you can be assured of a local, intimate, personal touch as your local partner, as well as a second level of support, the software developer. We leverage this depth of resourcing for your long term benefit.

Proven Implementation Methodologies and Experience
Supply Chain Coalition is committed to your success. We are not interested in just selling services, hardware and software and pushing boxes, but rather implementing success stories. And while this may sound like a sales cliché, our implementation methodologies are award winning. Through ERP leadership, and experience delivering clients’ solutions, we limit and manage your enterprise decision risk.

We strongly believe Supply Chain Coalition is the last enterprise consultancy decision you will ever need to make.