Taylor Protocols 80/20 Protocol™ Success Profiles

taylor protocols 80/20 success profiles

Taylor Protocols™ has worked with a diverse group of client companies representing a wide range of industries, company sizes, levels of organizational development and profitability. Over the course of twenty years in more than 700 companies the 80/20 Protocol™ with the Core Values Index assessment™ as its principal information collection system, has demonstrated its ability to dramatically increase sales, reduce costs, increase retention and create highly productive teams. Several examples of the Company’s work are profiled below.

the core values handbookHow Your Core Values Drop Dollars to the Bottom Line - Part 3

-- Lynn Taylor, President & CEO, Taylor Protocols, Inc.

“Putting the Right Person in the Right Seat, Doing the Right Work”

Leading Global Software Technology Company

One of the world’s leading developers and marketers of software and computer technologies, asked Taylor Protocols to provide a series of training programs for several divisions of the company. One of our world‐class trainers developed and facilitated the custom training centered around our unique Core Values Index™. The programs were recognized as the best ever in company history when presented and were credited with significant improvements in communications, meeting of goals and objectives by top performers and increased excellence in performance across all level of employees.

Leading Aluminum Manufacturing Company

A world leading aluminum and primary metals manufacturing company had 37 people in its $5.0 billion Primary Metals Division. They were struggling with a degrading customer satisfaction and historically low sales increase performance. Taylor Protocols completed a Human capital audit for their sales and customer service departments.

The results included: 1. Moving five people out of these departments into administrative positions, 2. Bringing one underperforming territory sales rep into to manage customer service, 3. Renaming a portion of the CSR group inside sales people and another group order processors, 4. Sending a strong inside sales performer out into the empty territory.

At last report, all moves were deemed significant improvements for the individual and the company. The Corporation was able to increase total sales by 15% without increasing the staff in these important positions.

World’s largest Architectural Firm

An Architectural firm with more than 250,000 employees world‐wide and a strong Asian presence, asked Taylor Protocols to help develop a mentoring program for their interns.

We helped them divide the incoming interns into three career tracks with ideal core value profiles for each track, and another Top Performer Profile for their assigned mentors. The end result was increased retention of interns into professional architect positions and greater efficiency and lower costs for the mentoring program.

World‐wide Utilities Management Company

A $40 billion French company asked Taylor Protocols to complete a Human Capital Audit for its best performing city program. Based upon the development of four Top Performer profiles and a review of systems and processes currently employed, Taylor Protocols demonstrated the dramatic increase in profits that would result from combining the two most important functional positions into one, reducing operating costs by more than 30%. Other top performer profiles were developed for the project manager position. Profits in the first city program were increased by more than 300%.

Repeating this program in the poorest performing city project in the U.S. found the same opportunity. A new senior project manager was hired using the Taylor Protocols Top Performer Profile and automated hiring system, plus restructuring of the Operators and Maintenance departments into one unit, and a reduction in staff required to complete the projects necessary for the city systems maintenance crew. Return to strong profitability and better relationships with the city government were direct outcomes.

How Your Core Values Drop Dollars to the Bottom Line (Part 3 of 4)

Leading National Financial Planning Company

One of the nation’s leading financial planning companies acquired a site license for the Core Values 80/20 Protocol™ system. A test group of 65 Investment Executives was created, providing A‐level, B‐level and C‐level performers. These individuals were asked to complete the Core Values Index™ (CVI™) assessment. The results were used to create an Ideal Profile™ of the top performers followed by a comparison of the CVI™ scores of entire test group against the Ideal Profile™.

The results were astounding. Although this client has historically used a social/ambition‐level sales profiling system for employment pre‐screening, more than 65% of the new hires made in the previous two years would have been screened out by the CVI™ Ideal Profile™.  They went from having, by their own admission, 2 A‐level performers out of 33, to 21 A level performers in just under a year’s time, with an additional 9 B‐level performers. By instituting this system nationwide, 90% of failed hires will be eliminated, yielding a cost savings in excess of $100.0 million per year.

Leading Stock Investment Banking Company

One of the nation’s largest Investment Banking firms has completed an Ideal Profile™ of its Investment Executives. The Ideal Profile™ project identified two types of Investment Executives, the classical fee‐based broker (now named Investment Consultants), and the classical portfolio builder (now named Portfolio Managers). Once this categorization of Investment Executives was accomplished, the resulting two Ideal Profiles™ were compared with A, B and C level performers.

The results demonstrated:

  • 100% recommended for hire of all A‐level performers
  • 40% low recommended for hire in the B‐level performers
  • 60% not recommended for hire in the B‐level performers
  • 100% not recommended for hire in the C and D‐level performers

These results in the test group, when spread against their national and international Investment Executives of both types, show a potential staff reduction of 40% by terminating C and D‐level performers. This would yield greater than $18,000,000 per year savings of direct salary costs only. By doubling the number of Investment Executives with Ideal Profiles™, this client has the potential to double the sales of the company. Their internal numbers demonstrate that the top 15% of their Investment Executives generate 85% of their gross revenues.

Sales Reorganization and Acquisition

One of the Northwest’s leading Resellers of computer technology was struggling with cash flow and too little profit. The sales department was structured around product specialists. Sales representatives were often selling different products to different parts of the same Customer Company without communication. A territorial analysis was accomplished through the installation of a Geographic Information System. This quantified each territory so a new level of professional sales staff could be hired. These new District Sales Directors were given territory and account responsibility, changing the Company from a product focus to a customer focus.

Ideal Profiles were created for the District Sales Directors and new hires were completed. After six months the Company’s sales were up 20%. Profits were up by 25%.

This change in sales strategy and productivity improvement has allowed the Company to double in size while maintaining essentially the same overhead structure. Profits for this client now exceed 200% of their industry average.

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