SYSPRO STARS ERP Implementation

Structured Technique to Achieve a Rapid Solution

New ERP software is a huge investment for any company. Seeing a rapid return on that investment is important for justification of your decision, which is why SYSPRO developed a structured methodology that is guaranteed to get you effectively utilizing the software on time and on budget.

We recognize the importance of implementing the right solution on time and on budget, which is why we utilize an award winning implementation methodology called STARS (Structured Technique to Achieve a Rapid Solution).

SYSPRO_STARS_ERP_Implementation_Brochure_3DSTARS is the road-map for a successful ERP implementation, providing guidelines, detailed documentation and plans for the following critical aspects:

  • Project Management and Planning
  • Technology and System Requirements
  • Establishing the Business Requirements
  • Proving the Solution
  • Migration Considerations
  • Training and Education 

The Right Team

  • The project team structure
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Performance and budget monitoring
  • Defining project objectives and milestones

The Right Solution

  • Providing a detailed project plan
  • Creating a controlled environment to maximize operational needs
  • Providing a fast track for implementation with a
    structured approach
  • Maximizing system utilization
  • Streamlining and defining structure to business processes
  • Standardizing daily, weekly, monthly and yearly routines

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“(On a fast, efficient implementation) The SYSPRO STARS implementation methodology was very important to us, since we were on a very tight time schedule for going live." - Kristin Brown, Planning Manager - Pharma Tech Industries