SYSPRO e.Net Solutions - Low-Cost Integration

SYSPRO solutions encourages integration with best-of-breed third party products while easing collaboration with business partners - the essential links in your supply chain.

SYSPRO can be customized at many levels, from simple screen overspecialization to translating field descriptions and writing your own user interface and workflows. SYSPRO solutions allows you to write your own software applications for the SYSPRO system using SYSPRO logic without compromising the SYSPRO technology or environment - thereby protecting your upgrade path.

SYSPRO solutions enhances the core SYSPRO ERP system with the messaging, security, identity and transaction capabilities that are required in order to enable the efficient management of interactions across the service-orientated architecture of the extended enterprise.

SYSPRO solutions was designed to fulfill a number of objectives. These include:

  • Providing a simplified development environment in which developers can customize SYSPRO's business functionality to suit end-user requirements;
  • Providing an infrastructure that helps users integrate best-of-breed applications to SYSPRO;
  • Providing direct access to SYSPRO data using mobile clients;
  • Providing a new generation of Web-based Applications that can be customized to suit end-user requirements
  • Enabling effective B2B trading by automating the flow of documents, to and from the enterprise.


syspro solution

The development framework comprises a COM object and business objects that reside on the SYSPRO application server.

Business objects are pieces of SYSPRO logic that can be called programmatically from outside of SYSPRO; passed instructions in XML; and then process the request (updating the database if required) and return the results in XML. The business objects can also be invoked with the VBScripting capabilities of SYSPRO, using either DCOM or Web Services.

A DCOM client is provided that can be loaded on workstations so that the business objects can be accessed remotely. The business objects share the SYSPRO security model, provide a consistent interface to the SYSPRO database and shield the database from possible corruption caused by direct data access.

The Web Services provide remote access to the same business objects without requiring the installation and configuration of DCOM.

The Web-based Applications is an out-of-the-box web user-interface that accesses SYSPRO data via the business objects. Source code is provided with the Web-based Applications so that administrators and developers can change, or extend them, as required. Data integrity is maintained since access to the data is only via business objects.

The Document Flow Manager (a moden EDI system) is installed on the SYSPRO application server and used to automate the processing of incoming XML documents using the business objects.