Performance Management Assessment

erp-assessmentThe EnterpriseWise™ Readiness Assessment  Report is the first of its kind, giving specific recommendations for improved enterprise performance:

  • See how you compare with industry best practice standards, especially in the areas of overall enterprise performance.
  • Learn how the best ERP software helps achieve best-in-class business performance.
  • Get best practices, personalized recommendations for enterprise performance improvements.

The Performance Management Assessment Report Basic Contents:

  • Purpose/Vision - Execution and Best Practices
  • Infrastructure - Technology Planning
  • Integration - Interoperable Systems and Data
  • Implementation - Project Management
  • Training and Implementation
  • Operational Performance
  • Enterprise Financial Reporting Evaluation
  • Enterprise Improvement - Decision Support

Schedule your online assessment and receive a customized “Score Card” that shows how your organization stacks up against top performers.  Use the form to introduce yourself.

The EnterpriseWise™ Readiness Assessment Report for small to mid-sized businesses is a packaged offering which allows your company the experience of a top-down approach to enterprise collaboration, effectiveness and efficiencies. 

With simple processes The EnterpriseWise Readiness Assessment Report is a series of proactive steps designed to assess your position and vulnerabilities. The first step is to plan, build strengths and sustainability. Accomplishing these tasks give you the confidence to achieve beyond self-imposed limitations.. 

The EnterpriseWise™ Readiness Assessment Report enables a complete 360-degree view of your business.

Knowing where you are, with trust in your enterprise tool-set, helps define where to start. For the best possible outcomes; do your internal systems align; people, technologies, and enterprise software?