"How to Avoid Groundhog Day Meetings" 

How-to-Avoid-Grounghog-Day-Meetings-Cover-3d-501What is a "Groundhog Day Meeting"? We intuitively know because at various times we have all attended really bad meetings. Such meetings have the following Characteristics.

  • The decision makers were absent.
  • Wrong people were in the room.
  • Everyone came unprepared.
  • Nothing was accomplished.

Many of us have to attend the same horrible meetings, week after week, trapped in our own version of Groundhog Day.

Andy Pattantyus' e-Book sheds light on the subject and helps align meeting skills to company results. His passion for reducing waste starts with meeting results.

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About the Author:

Andy Pattantyus

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Andy Pattantyus, CPIM, is founder, owner and President of Strategic Modularity, Inc.  Andy is passionate about helping clients set goals, prepare plans and eliminate waste, thus allowing companies to reach their greatest potential.