Introduction to SYSPRO ERP

SYSPRO latest and easiest to use ERP yet.

Find out what SYSPRO latest enterprise resource planning (ERP) business software release offers mid-market businesses. Learn about how SYSPRO 7 extends the scalability of SYSPRO, enhances the user experience and makes SYSPRO easier to access, install and use.

SYSPRO ERP Software Solutions provide an enriched powerful yet intuitive user interface (UI), empowering our customers to simply and effectively adopt and embrace these new technologies. A major development focus is to ensure SYSPRO operates effectively in high-volume transaction environments and provides greater functionality and performance for mobile users.

As a result, SYSPRO 7 further enhances productivity, fosters business growth, and provides an enriched user experience and ease of upgrading.

What's new

Larger field sizes

One of the primary features of SYSPRO 7 is larger field sizes, which not only allows you to capture more data in key areas, but it also allows for much higher transaction volumes.  Being able to specify the number of characters you wish to display for key fields allows you to capture more significant master data, making your data easier to use, and allowing you to determine how many characters are significant to you.  The higher transaction volumes and increased data which you can optionally capture won’t impact on the performance of your software.

More Customization

The increased level of customization throughout the product, including in VBScripts, allows you to design the interface you would like to use, and have it function in a way which is meaningful to your business.  You can add flow graphs which map out your business processes, allowing your employees to use their time more efficiently. 

By customizing the interfaces to suit your business, new employees are able to learn the system quickly and easily, becoming more productive in the shortest time possible.  The enhanced capability of roles, for example, allows you to easily add a new operator to a role and have them up and running with all the functionality they need in minutes.


The new mobile offering, Espresso, allows you to access SYSPRO wherever you are, from whatever mobile device you have.  Espresso is agnostic and scales easily to the platform of your choice, acting natively on all devices, thus ensuring optimum performance. 

Staying in touch with your business while you travel has never been easier, as Espresso is licensed per user and not per device, so you can easily access company data on your phone, no matter what time it is at home.  Since Espresso uses the latest technology, rendering data in HTML5, you don’t have to worry about your application being old and stale before you’ve used it.

Increased efficiency

SYSPRO 7 performance is optimized to allow you to work faster and waste as little time as possible waiting for processes to run or programs to load.  The software will allow you to run reports on the server, allowing operators to print a report and continue working while the document spools and prints on the server.  In addition, you can opt to use SQL to process the data for reports, allowing the native capability of SQL to speed up the processing time. 

SYSPRO 7 has also made it really quick and easy to login to SYSPRO 7 once you’ve used our one-click install to get your SYSPRO client up and running.  If you’re an existing SYSPRO customer considering upgrading to SYSPRO 7, the data conversion is unbelievably fast, allowing you to upgrade as speedily as possible.  You can use the new menu tiles to customize your menus and link menus to other menus, mapping your business processes on your software as you use it. 


Efficient Implementation

If you’re new to SYSPRO,the Quantum Architecture will make implementing and maintaining your software one of the best things you’ve done for your business.  You can model exactly how your business works and import that model into the software, ensuring all the options are configured exactly how you run your business.  You can do this modelling at any stage in your SYSPRO life-cycle, and easily access your agreed-upon business processes from within SYSPRO, allowing you to review and update processes as your business grows.


Simplifying your Success

After a 30 year partnership with SYSPRO, this latest version of SYSPRO is the best product offering so far. We think you’ll agree that all the advances really do make your life simpler, which makes running your business simpler. Smarter, but simpler.


“[Before SYSPRO,] there was no control. It was someone with a spreadsheet and a piece of paper and his magic book. It was an individual, not something that anyone in the company could look at. With SYSPRO, everything is all there. Information is readily available for multiple people and it is centralized, accurate data. It’s like night and day.” –Jay Gordon, Sr. Systems Support, Toyota Racing Development