Dash DDX for Paperless Document Management

Going paperless is not a new idea.

One of the things about Dash DDX that is different is the query features, automation and document distribution, scheduling and document filtering, much more, but on the surface, DASH is a repository, a storage place for printouts.

When you combine those basic features with, for example, ask for a customer or supplier name or ERP ‘ID’ and retrieve all relevant document from the past 3 months. Or, let’s look up any linked document from quotation # 10980908, we can get back sales orders, invoices, purchase orders, jobs, and linkages to customer, vendor, and department. This data crunching added to capture and retrieval helps add more value than just a store and forward system.


Dash DDX Paperless Document Management software & services streamline and simplify your business.

DASH is standalone and does not require a particular ERP or business type to be of value.

Our DDX Document Management Suite and Custom Software solutions reduce your costs, boost productivity and increase profitability. Dash serves small & medium-sized Manufacturing and Distribution companies augmenting their existing business systems - making every day tasks easier.

Think of DASH as an electronic printer that does not need paper, ink or toner or maintenance cycles. It works 24X7 capturing all print jobs it receives, storing them in a database. When you want to print, or in this case, reprint any document, series of documents, or filtered for a purpose documents, you ruin DASH and the documents “print.” Subsequently, you can email, send to lists of recipients and a cc or bcc to the appropriate department.

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Documents delivered & archived automatically

Large companies know the value of managing their documents: they use document management software to help. They have no problem spending $50,000-$100,000 and much more on their document management systems. DASH ddx™ is targeted at small and medium size companies and offers most of the “big league” functionality & features at a fraction of the price - and it's much easier to use. That’s true value that gives you what you need at a price you can afford.

DASH ddx™ delivers cost effective, "green minded" Document Management software – including automated delivery and archival of your valuable business documents. With the ddx you can deliver and find documents better, faster and with less effort — reducing costs, boosting productivity, improving communications, and increasing profitability.


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Simple »

Just print and go. ddx automatically indexes and archives the documents that your Business system produces daily — such as invoices, purchase orders, drawings and more. At the same time, ddx delivers those same documents to your trading partners by fax, email or distributes to one or more printers, speeding communications. It even links with popular office programs like Microsoft’s Word™ and Excel™.

Of course the ddx Archive also supports almost any type of file, including scanned paper documents.

Easy »

Create Delivery Preferences for each customer, vendor or other “destination”: They receive their documents the way they prefer — and all automatically. ddx takes care of it for you.

With ddx Document Management, you can focus on the things that need your attention. Work Flow in ddx takes the place of your in-basket: automatically routing your documents for review, approval, comment, etc. Your documents are never lost, and are always available to all who need them.

Flexible »

In addition to hands-off delivery, ddx™ gives you lightning-fast access to all of your vital documents. Your users can easily add to the archive or search, re-print, email and extract copies of previously archived documents.

Administrative features give you total control over who has access to what documents, and how they view them. Set options to control Security, Revision Control, create new Views and document types. You can even use it to create custom views for Work Flow, special organization and other unique needs.

Connected »

Enterprise Integration is a real ddx advantage – enabling you to pull together various types of documents from many sources into one coherent group. ddx is pre-integrated with several Business Systems and ERP software packages, including SYSPRO®. With Dash’s exclusive ddxPort™ Form Recognition you can now automate delivery and archival of virtually any structured form, from any system, as quickly and easily as printing.

Dash ddx is ready for your enterprise with scalability from 5 to 500 users. Security features that focus users on only what they are authorized to see. For documents that are changed or updated; the optional Revision Control feature ensures that your user is always seeing the latest revision of a document, while older versions are still accessible.

The Benefits of ddx document management:

  • Rapid ROI - substantial labor, space, forms and postage savings immediately
  • Serve business partners more effectively with less effort by finding and delivering documents instantly
  • Seamless integration takes full advantage of your existing systems
  • Share your documents without making multiple copies
  • Archive new documents quickly and automatically with or without scanning
  • Streamline business processes with ddx’s Work Flow capabilities
  • Easy to use; locating or sending a copy is as simple as one click away
  • Low training requirements result in increased productivity in a short period of time
  • Easily expand as your company grows 

Dash's ddxSuite simply makes it fast and easy to deliver and manage all of your documents at a price that's well within reach of the small and mid-sized organization. The ddxSuite is also available as separate components: ddxConnect and ddxArchive.

It is more than a printer. It is a document storage, retrieval and intelligent repository for any document. If companies DASH-print first they do not need to go through the process in the ERP to get another copy, they go to the DASH-filing-cabinet.

It makes sense for any business of a size and complexity of document management. Usually paying for itself in short term. The savings is in the many paperless blogs we have on the website.

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