Cleo: Enterprise Data Integration and File Sharing

Enterprise Automation EDI Software

Gain control of your business data with Cleo's secure file sharing products. Share files with others — both inside and outside your company securely and easily. Unify your teams with the best and most scalable enterprise file sharing and synchronization solution. Gain trust that your files, no matter how large, reach your intended recipients.

Cleo-File-Transfer-Feature-Comparison-Checklist2Ease of use:

Pre-Configured Hosts
Reduce set up time with connections to popular trading networks or partners.

AS2 Wizards
Quickly and easily configure new AS2 trading partners.

Web Portal
Provide partners that are small or have limited transfers with increased visibility through easy tracking and monitoring of activity, as well as flexibility with a manual or back-up transfer option.


Translator Integration
Seamlessly integrate with any EDI translator. Over 30 popular  translator companies have established readily available integrations.

Automated Routing
Automatically route outbound documents to the appropriate trading partner based on established routing rules.

Database Payload Repository (inbound & outbound)
Integrate with back-end applications, such as a database management system (DBMS), for storing and retrieving inbound and outbound payloads.

Cleo solutions are tirelessly tested, certified Quality is determined by customers and users like you. Cleo knows quality means confidence, so you can rest assured that our products and standards have passed performance and quality assurance tests required for certification, allowing you to leverage the latest advancements in security and efficiency.

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