Budget Maestro® for SYSPRO

Learn how Budget Maestro will make your budgeting more efficient and accurate…

budget-maestro-download-3d-480Budget Maestro® for SYSPRO provides a complete application that streamlines the budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting process and offers rock-solid financial analysis enabling organizations to make better decisions for tomorrow with more accuracy.

Link Maestro™ for SYSPRO is included to provide direct connectivity to SYSPRO facilitating the automatic exchange of financial information from your ERP system into Budget Maestro.

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The Value of Budget Maestro:
  • Supports the full cycle of budget development, comparing actual results to plan, re-forecasting, contingency and what-if scenarios
  • Includes Revenue and Expense Forecasting, Cash Flow and Financing Projections, Payroll and Fixed Asset Planning
  • Unlimited financial and management report generation
  • Built-in financial intelligence and business rules – generates accurate calculations and
    GAAP-compliant reporting
  • Enable budget accountability from operational managers
  • No formulas or macros to create ensuring 100% accurate calculations

Watch the short video and learn the power of Link Maestro®:

The following slides and screenshots present Link Maestro for SYSPRO. Link Maestro is the direct connection between SYSPRO and Budget Maestro. It gives you complete integration of SYSPRO data so you can make meaningful comparisons between budget, forecasts, and actual data using the same chart of accounts and dimensions you use in SYSPRO.

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