Inventory Forecasting Reminds Me of the Chicken and Egg

Posted by Gerry Poe

Scientific systems exist today to help manage both sides of the equation; demand and supply, build versus buy, etc. Let’s start with basic inventory management and keeping stock levels accurate. 


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WMS Distribution Center Competitive Workforce (Infographic)

Posted by Gerry Poe

Distribution centers, having a heavy and poignant role in customer on-time delivery and satisfaction, need the best systems and software to process materials' high throughput requirements.

Communications problems between people, technology systems (software and hardware) affecting vendors, manufacturers, buyers, and customers center around a lack of synchronization. When materials for a product mix; ranging from finished goods to raw components, lot expiry and conformance, can be tied to demand and supply chain leveling.  


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COLLECT® Advanced Fulfillment Software Buyer's Checklist

Posted by Gerry Poe

With many experts are predicting tough times ahead which makes it a good time to add supply chain execution capabilities to streamline the shipping and receiving processes, improve productivity and meet the increasingly complex industry and customer requirements.

Unfortunately, not all systems help you compete and if you are a smaller manufacturer or distributor, you may not need the complexity of an ERP application designed for larger peers.  

With this consideration, you still need a solution that helps compete for business in the demanding, global world of distribution.

Industries which have an opportunity to improve functionality, compete and win business, even when times get tough:

Complex industries – Industries like consumer packaged goods often have complex needs such as unique labeling, packaging and shipping requirements.

Regulated industries – Regulated industries such as automotive and those that handle hazardous materials need systems that help them stay in compliance.

Distribution to large retailers – Many large retailers have unique and stringent material handling and labeling requirements that need to be met in order for a distributor or manufacturer to maintain status as a preferred supplier.

Global distribution – Organizations that distribute goods abroad need systems that help them create all the necessary paperwork and ensure that nothing is missed.


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Successful Selection and Implementation of WMS for Manufacturing and Distribution

Posted by Gerry Poe

Supply chain managers have been trying to get visibility into their operations as long as there have been supply chains. In an omni-channel operating environment, visibility is more critical than ever. When a customer places an order, you need to have some degree of confidence that the inventory is going to be there. The value of a warehouse management system is quickly obvious which brings us to the questions of “which system?” and “who will implement the system?”

When selecting a warehouse management system (WMS), there are an abundant number to choose from. After working with the best (and worst), we understand the frustration of how expectations can be exceeded (or broken).

If you currently operate an ERP system, the WMS functionality may be part of that suite, or you can use a bolt-on WMS package or an extended WMS for convergence. We have implemented both and believe the choice of WMS software should fit exactly to the requirements of your warehouse operations. (vs. changing the operation to meet the demands of the WMS software)


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Warehouse Slotting – When is it time to reslot

Posted by Gerry Poe

Many changes within the warehouse can have a negative impact on productivity making the original slotting setup less than optimal. SKU stock or velocity, new products, discontinued products, new trends in the industry and new technology are examples. The changes can happen slowly and may not be apparent.

It's been proven that a properly slotted warehouse drives down operation costs and improves distribution productivity by 8% to 15%, and can yield space savings up to 30%.  It is possible to understand the issues and opportunities with a hits and movement analysis, by mapping it out, or by following pickers. Even so, it's very easy to overlook the true opportunity of slotting and underestimate the impact it can have on productivity.


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Four Outstanding Benefits of WMS Software

Posted by Gerry Poe

Streamline inventory management, improve productivity and meet complex industry and customer requirements with WMS software. Below we outline four outstanding benefits from WMS software. 


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