Your ERP Dashboard - an Executive Q & A

Posted by Gerry Poe

Your ERP dashboard has answers to questions about your business but what are the right questions and what answers do you expect?

Within your ERP software, you should have the following resources available:


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Enterprise Automation: Predictive Analytics Corelytics for SYSPRO

Posted by Gerry Poe

SYSPRO Predictive Analytics integrates to Corelytics. Corelytics is intelligent, online business management made easy.


Corelytics for SYSPRO extends the power of your ERP with a fully integrated financial reporting solution. Corelytics for SYSPRO uses data directly from SYSPRO to show trends and analysis. Corelytics for SYSPRO provides both historical and forward (predictive) looking dashboards to support your financial reporting and decision making needs.

Corelytics for SYSPRO enables instant visibility to your enterprise health using predictive trend analysis and up-to-date integration with your accounting data. Corelytics for SYSPRO collects 36 months of accounting data and portrays a visual dashboard, flagged with red/orange/green flags, to easily spot areas of focus each month. Combined with a monthly regimen, you can proactively stay ahead of problems before they hurt your business.


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CEO Business Intelligence ERP Software

Posted by Gerry Poe

There is a major problem with business intelligence for most CEO's. For most chief executive officers, it's easier to know what's going on outside the company and in the market than it is to know what's really going on inside the organization (like how many productive employees do we have and what's our cash balance today).


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