COLLECT® Advanced Fulfillment Software Buyer's Checklist

Posted by Gerry Poe

With many experts are predicting tough times ahead which makes it a good time to add supply chain execution capabilities to streamline the shipping and receiving processes, improve productivity and meet the increasingly complex industry and customer requirements.

Unfortunately, not all systems help you compete and if you are a smaller manufacturer or distributor, you may not need the complexity of an ERP application designed for larger peers.  

With this consideration, you still need a solution that helps compete for business in the demanding, global world of distribution.

Industries which have an opportunity to improve functionality, compete and win business, even when times get tough:

Complex industries – Industries like consumer packaged goods often have complex needs such as unique labeling, packaging and shipping requirements.

Regulated industries – Regulated industries such as automotive and those that handle hazardous materials need systems that help them stay in compliance.

Distribution to large retailers – Many large retailers have unique and stringent material handling and labeling requirements that need to be met in order for a distributor or manufacturer to maintain status as a preferred supplier.

Global distribution – Organizations that distribute goods abroad need systems that help them create all the necessary paperwork and ensure that nothing is missed.


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Maximize Results with WMS Shipping Software – A checklist to evaluate shipping errors

Posted by Gerry Poe

Wholesale distributors, fulfillment companies, and manufacturers can now accurately label and track packages, quickly provide rate and service information during the order entry or fulfillment process, and identify time-in-transit.


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