Case Study: R&D Tax Benefits Maximized by  Manufacturers using ERP Work in Process (WIP)

Posted by Gerry Poe

The U.S. offers some valuable R&D tax incentives, however, if you are not taking advantage of them, you are not getting the money available.

WIP and ERP Tax Benefits has its roots in Research and Development (R&D) tax credits for manufacturing organizations. Tapping into extended advantages of ERP’s Work In Process (WIP) application. Most teams see producing products for sale to be the sole purpose of WIP. Here is how your company, by extending the use of WIP can add value to the ROI of ERP.

WIP base functionality is Bill of Materials (BOM) execution. In this case, WIP jobs are created using BOMs, which contains Labor, and Sub-Contract Operations, and components, or materials. These lists, sequenced parts, and labor steps constitute the sum of costs and time to produce a given product. We can also say, they impact your organization, taking into account capacities to produce.


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Big-Pharma Industries Wakeup Call for ERP Software

Posted by Gerry Poe

Big-Pharma Industries Wakeup Call
Past decades witnessed Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices sector profits soar despite other diminishing sectors across industry. Today industries must take a fast hard look at their operational efficiencies. Starting with process and procedure profiles, systems and technologies, accounting, business integration, utilization of systems and personnel from the ground up. If these costs are not shored up, it may spell an agonizing loss of business to new “upstarts” with a well defined strategic, advanced approach.


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Lean ERP and Activity Based Costing

Posted by Gerry Poe

Questions to Ask Before You Implement Activity Based Costing
Managers from companies of all sizes have read about activity-based costing (ABC) or even attended conferences about ABC.  Many are now trying to reap the benefits that ABC offers.  But the rush to understand and implement ABC has caused some issues to be poorly understood.  To summarize these issues, this article identifies some questions people often ask about ABC.  Companies that answer these questions before implementing ABC are more likely to have successful ABC systems.


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