Manufacturing Requirements Demand and Supply Pegging

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Manufacturing Demand and Supply Pegging Using Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Businesses need to know how frequently to procure and produce, when to order, and from whom. MRP, a component of SYSPRO ERP, is your on-board Materials Management Ph.D.

MRP system looks at all included demand criterion, calculates supplies needed by when and from whom. This "psychic ability" comes from the system's connections associated to anything material and outsourced operations (sub-contractors). MRP then, creates "pegging" (lists of required components) to support the supplies and demands sourced from all parts included in bills of materials (BOM).


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New Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute to be Based in Los Angeles

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New Announcement: Winner of New Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute and New Manufacturing Hub Competitions

The Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, brings over $140 million in public-private investment from leading universities and manufacturers to develop smart sensors for use in advanced manufacturing.


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Introduction to Manufacturing Inventory Requirements Planning Overview

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Manufacturing Material (Inventory) Requirements Planning (MRP) - an APICS Review; is a discussion of a major functional system, MRP, within most ERP software products. MRP operates as if it is your onboard Materials and Resource Management Ph.D. MRP is a system that knows all and tells all. That is, of course, what it can only know are data within your database included for calculations determining your gross and net requirements for materials and resources. If data are external to the system, they are excluded. You are encouraged to use your ERP system fully to gain the most value.

MRP Benefits:

  • Reduced Inventory with fewer (to no) shortages
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Improved Direct Labor Productivity
  • Reduced Purchasing Cost
  • Reduced Traffic Cost
  • Reduced Obsolescence
  • Reduced Overtime
  • Correct numbers to run the business
  • Accountability throughout the organization
  • Improved Quality of Life


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3 Ways ERP Can Prevent Copper Theft

Posted by Gerry Poe

Copper Thefts Threaten U.S. Critical Infrastructure. Intelligence Assessment (Unclassified) Prepared by the FBI Criminal Intelligence Section September 15, 2008


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SYSPRO Enterprise Solutions for Manufacturing and Distribution SMB

Posted by Gerry Poe

Enterprise solutions have become the hallmark of business success. Keeping the best solutions integrated to business processes, customer and supplier interactions means cost savings, sustaining your organization.

  • Has your company been searching for new ERP Software?
  • Has your team already selected yout top choices?
  • Does your company stand 100% behind those choices?


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Manufacturing Technology Orders Jump 40%

Posted by Gerry Poe

IMTS buying rush pushes orders over $650 million for the month, putting 2012 on track to become one of the strongest years in USMTO program history.
Travis Hessman | IndustryWeek


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What Core Modules are Offered in SYSPRO?

Posted by Gerry Poe

SYSPRO is a modular system, designed to allow systematic take on of functional areas as business is ready and able to execute in those scalar areas.  We have many 3rd-party best of breed systems also for inclusion; these are all purchasable at time of sale or later, as you are ready or need those functional systems. For example, in our discussions, we have targeted the base systems you require and then there are additional systems to be phased in when ready/needed.


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Manufacturing Sector Picks Up in March - ERP Software

Posted by Gerry Poe

Manufacturing Sector Picks Up in March
Does reliance on anything except a downright “Do-It” (builder) mentality result in the business you want?


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ERP Phantom Assemblies or Ghost Parts

Posted by Gerry Poe

Phantom Assemblies or Ghost Parts

Do you make multi-level products to order? If so, with SYSPRO you can simplify job scheduling and planning by using "phantom assemblies" to consolidate and reduce the number of jobs required.

In SYSPRO, "phantom assemblies" can be useful for multi-level products that are made to order. Instead of making all the various subassemblies each on its own job, you can use phantom assemblies to make them all within a single job.

Phantom assemblies are also useful for making items with customized options. Product options can be represented by phantom assemblies, which can be copied into jobs as needed to suit different product configurations.


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LEAN and ERP - Aligning Principles for Success

Posted by Gerry Poe

LEAN and ERP - Aligning Principles

Utilizing LEAN enables your company’s processes and procedures to align with ERP (enterprise resource planning software) operations while reducing cost and increasing profitability.


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