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LEAN ENTERPRISE WORKSHOP – A multi-session Seminar focusing on Lean Implementation from Culture to Execution
The Lean Enterprise Workshop takes place over seven sessions and contains exercises and real-world examples beginning with the "House of Toyota" and encompassing formal Lean methodologies including, takt time, Kanbans, use of pull scheduling coupled with "heijunka" load leveling, value stream mapping, poka yokes, 5S and more including broader concepts of continuous improvement involving FMEA, Six Sigma and PDCA with an ultimate focus on building an executable action plan designed for your organization.

As more organizations go lean, the demand for skilled workers and a system-wide approach for developing and implementing lean project plans is escalating. This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to map the path to lean culture at your organization.


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ERP and Tips for Going Green and Saving Money

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Tips for Going Green and Saving Money


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ERP Security and Remote Access (RDP) Password Strength

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ERP Security and Remote Access (RDP) Password Strength  InfoWorld reports a worm (AKA: virus/malware) has caused havoc in many “remote desktop(RDP)”connectable servers and PCs.  The root cause is from domain security applliances, policies and procedures, and weak password strength patterns and life-cycles ageing policies.


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