Live Event: Manufacturing and Distribution Enterprise Software Suites

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Live Event: Enterprise Software Suites for Manufacturing and Distribution

What you will learn:
  • The IOT of enterprise systems
  • How do reporting and analytics play an active business role?
  • How mobile is changing the ability to control and manage processes on the run.
  • What does a fully integrated enterprise in-the-cloud mean?
  • How does the internet play a role in the enterprise today?
  • What enterprise tools are available in-the-cloud today?
  • Learn how to create a synergy between cloud and premise deployments.


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"Enterprise Cybersecurity" - APICS Ventura Event Reveals the Dark Side of Cyberspace

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In 2015 alone, hackers stole the records of - 11 million people from Premiere Blue Cross - 10 million people from Excellus BlueCross BlueShield - 80 million people from Anthem In contrast, only 22 million people were directly affected by the hackers who stole information from the Office of Personnel Management.

A recent APICS Ventura event offered the attendees new informatoin about the dark side of cyberspace, what to watch for resources to learn more.  Gerry Poe, CEO of Santa Clarita Consultants, led the discussion and shared why there is a growing concern for cyber security.


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APICS San Fernando Valley PDM: Unlocking the Hidden Potential with Supply Chain Mobility

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Gartner Predicts by 2017, Half of Employers will Require Employees to Supply Their Own Device for Work Purposes - ‘Enterprises Offering Only Corporate-Liable Programs Will Soon Be the Exception’


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News: APICS Ventura County Presentation by Gerry Poe on April 12

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News:  APICS Ventura County professional development meeting will include a presentation by Gerry Poe, CEO of Santa Clarita Consultants. The meeting is on April 12, 2011 at 6 pm.  The location of the event is Courtyard by Marriott in Oxnard, CA. 

Here is an overview of what Gerry Poe will present at the upcoming APICS meeting: 


What comes to mind when thinking about simplifying and  optimizing  your enterprise?

  • Simplifying: Enabling business to operate as easy and relevant as possible.

  • Optimizing: Minimizing waste, controlling costs, ensuring growth, profit and future success.

  • Enterprise: Totality of people, systems and technologies within your organization.

What your enterprise needs is the single version of truth.
This is possible when your systems, people and technologies are integrated and implemented as one seamless interoperable system. Without integration, your systems and your enterprise authenticity is fleeting. Worse yet, your enterprise is at risk of failure. There are three primary elements:


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