Warehouse Management System Bin Location Management

Posted by Gerry Poe

Is 6 digits the longest you can have as a location number for ERP Warehouse Management System (WMS) Bin Location IDs?  Warehouse bin location IDs are small but powerful.

Let’s take a closer look at possibilities:


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Introduction to Manufacturing Inventory Requirements Planning Overview

Posted by Gerry Poe


Manufacturing Material (Inventory) Requirements Planning (MRP) - an APICS Review; is a discussion of a major functional system, MRP, within most ERP software products. MRP operates as if it is your onboard Materials and Resource Management Ph.D. MRP is a system that knows all and tells all. That is, of course, what it can only know are data within your database included for calculations determining your gross and net requirements for materials and resources. If data are external to the system, they are excluded. You are encouraged to use your ERP system fully to gain the most value.

MRP Benefits:

  • Reduced Inventory with fewer (to no) shortages
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Improved Direct Labor Productivity
  • Reduced Purchasing Cost
  • Reduced Traffic Cost
  • Reduced Obsolescence
  • Reduced Overtime
  • Correct numbers to run the business
  • Accountability throughout the organization
  • Improved Quality of Life


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10 Golden Rules for Choosing an ERP System

Posted by Gerry Poe

Until recently, organizations needing more than one or two enterprise software systems had few choices when it came to enterprise software and services. You installed an expensive, complex enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system at your facility, and then you passed out user manuals full of unknowable keyboard combinations for various functions.


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The Five Systems of Success

Posted by Gerry Poe

Here is my belief:  To be effective, you must understand the Five Systems of Success.  You must understand not only your direction but also have your destination clearly marked.  Putting the pieces together over 25 years, I developed the Five Systems of Success to ensure success within business, projects and each business relationship.


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ERP Software Industry Rant

Posted by Gerry Poe

A problem with the ERP software industry is that many are selling a package representing fast, easy and low entry fees via the Internet.  The advertisers on other media push, hype and skew the possibilities which may or may not be achievable with the goal "Get the call".  In the end, quality will win but at what price to consumers and the industries which invested heavily into a hyped up ERP solutions? 


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