First 6 Questions to Ask for Your Enterprise (ERP) Vision Statement

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Within an Enterprise Software (ERP) vision statement, there are two aspects of ERP management: People and Technology. ERP software packages impact the entire organization and affect nearly every employee. There are cases where an ERP project manager may not know who will be affected which leads to surprises. Mismanaged ERP implementation can lead to an extraordinary loss of time and money. We help The size and complexity of ERP managing these implementation projects standardized.


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SYSPRO 7 ERP Upgrade Checklist - Evaluating Enterprise Software Needs & Readiness

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It has been said “necessity is the mother of invention” which leads us to make enterprise software upgrades with a “wait until there is a problem” mindset. This only makes sense if you think “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” shows wisdom and foresight.

Waiting for when things are “broke” or an emergency will result in high costs, untrustworthy fixes, and decisions that will have a long-term negative impact. Many issues lie under the surface and unobvious to a less experienced enterprise management team. Cash flow, revenue growth, waste, warehouse efficiencies, the speed of customer service, and inventory accuracy are but a few areas impacted.

Frankenstein software monsters are created when new software is invented and attached to an old system. Systems already broken may not appear to be so.

i.e. Your accounting department is running off of a stand-alone accounting package; your sales team is using a separate CRM, and your inventory is tracked in Access or Excel.


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Maximize Results with WMS Shipping Software – A checklist to evaluate shipping errors

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Wholesale distributors, fulfillment companies, and manufacturers can now accurately label and track packages, quickly provide rate and service information during the order entry or fulfillment process, and identify time-in-transit.


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Maximizing Enterprise Software for Growth and Profitability

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Once the essential ERP questions related to customers are answered and understood, unraveling the perplexities for growth and profitability is of high interest to all stakeholders.  We will keep the questions simple because the objective is to maximize the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software within the organization.


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Essential ERP Questions Related to Customers

Posted by Gerry Poe

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is at the very core of a business and what may be most important considerations are the Enterprise Customer Questions found in The Complete Enterprise (ERP) Self Assessment.

Software has a tendency to focus on things instead of people.  The following list of questions related to customers can be answered by both staff and management.  Compiling the answers will show whether everyone is aligned with the company mission and truly focused on the needs of the customer:

  1. Who is your customer today?
  2. Who will be your customer next year?
  3. Who will be your customer in five years?
  4. Who will be your customer in ten years?
  5. What are you known for?  (Why do they love or hate your business?)
  6. What your customers think of you?  (Reputation)
  7. In your opinion, is it easy for your customers to do business with you?
  8. Does every employee know how to greet and meet customers?
  9. Do you have a feedback loop that offers customers a means to connect?
  10. Do you have hours consistently available for customers to reach you?
  11. How long does it take to respond to a customer problem?
  12. How long it takes to return telephone calls from customers?
  13. How soon you respond to customer emails?
  14. If a potential customer calls for information, what is the response?


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