ERP BOM ECC Engineering Ease Of Use Shortcuts

Posted by Gerry Poe

What do ERP, BOM, and ECC have in common with engineering?

Shared data, collaborative information, and integration features. Let's take them one at a time and see how the interplay helps companies in each stage of change management.


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Live Event: Manufacturing and Distribution Enterprise Software Suites

Posted by Gerry Poe

News Alert: 

Live Event: Enterprise Software Suites for Manufacturing and Distribution

What you will learn:
  • The IOT of enterprise systems
  • How do reporting and analytics play an active business role?
  • How mobile is changing the ability to control and manage processes on the run.
  • What does a fully integrated enterprise in-the-cloud mean?
  • How does the internet play a role in the enterprise today?
  • What enterprise tools are available in-the-cloud today?
  • Learn how to create a synergy between cloud and premise deployments.


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Cloud ERP Revolution Hits Manufacturing

Posted by SCC-CO

Cloud ERP Revolution has officially arrived on the manufacturing shores of the USA; the ERP Revolution is here. This was the message from Santa Clarita Consultants, a provider of cloud business management platforms and enterprise application suites when they recently announced its intentions to enhance the ERP market in the USA.


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Multi-Level Job Processing Considerations

Posted by Gerry Poe

SYSPRO ERP Multi-Level Job Creation Introduction

Make-to-order (MTO), engineer-to-order (ETO), and mixed-mode manufacturing companies using SYSPRO ERP's  Bill of Materials (BOM) Multi-level-jobs features profit where Work in Process (WIP) component sub-jobs can be automatically created throughout the WIP job creation process.


Tags: ERP, Bill of Materials, ETO, Inventory Forecasting, SYSPRO, work in process

Top 10 Reasons to Implement Mobile ERP

Posted by Gerry Poe

 Conducting key business processes is getting much easier with mobile ERP. 

Mobile ERP is becoming the answer to “If only I could do this while I’m away from my desk...” The return on investment for core ERP mobile applications will vary at each company. As with most enterprise software systems, the purpose mobile ERP apps and benefits must first be understood.

The right mobile ERP system lowers the time and cost of developing and deploying mobile applications by providing a development environment that is platform- and device-agnostic.

While mobile devices like laptops, PDAs, and tablets made it possible to work on the road, now workers can use their ERP applications on their mobile devices to take advantage of business capabilities and insights.

Consider the many benefits a mobile ERP solution can provide if those on the workforce can get more accurate information more quickly. Mobile ERP applications allow companies to benefit from improved quality of service, greater productivity, deeper business relationships, competitive advantage, and more accurate data capture.


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Five Benefits of Warehouse Slotting Optimization

Posted by Gerry Poe

Warehouse Slotting provides strategy and optimization of material pick-bin locations based on the main business drivers. Seasonality, sales trends, industry flex, and satisfying your customer's adapting to change.

For Example:
  • Why do you see inventory items in a store on the end-caps or strategic locations on shelves?

  • Why does it cost suppliers more discount-allowances to the store for those items to be located on an end-cap instead of the middle of the shopping aisle?

    They are visible, easily picked up, and are more likely the buyer will purchase them.

You can give your customers what they want, faster and more efficiently.


Tags: ERP, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management, WMS Slotting

Your ERP Dashboard - an Executive Q & A

Posted by Gerry Poe

Your ERP dashboard has answers to questions about your business but what are the right questions and what answers do you expect?

Within your ERP software, you should have the following resources available:


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Barcode Label Software Supply Chain Productivity and Compliance

Posted by Gerry Poe

We are pleased to announce that the launch of BarTender 2016 is scheduled for mid-November 2015.

BarTender 2016 offers new and dramatically improved capabilities as well as major features rebuilt from the ground up to make BarTender more valuable and powerful than ever.

The launch of BarTender 2016 will also see the first price increase in many years. Seagull Scientific are making this pricing change to reflect the real increased value of the major features BarTender has added, and to improve BarTender’s profitability to you as part of your enterprise productivity solution suite.


Tags: ERP, WMS, Barcode

PLM and ERP Software Sustainable Agility

Posted by Gerry Poe

ERP Plus PLM Creates Sustainable Agility
Excess stock mass marketing internet-based companies are making a killing on industry mistakes and oversights. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a match made in the cloud. When we think of enterprise sustainable agility we may think of products which are off the mark, over-stocked, slow movers and unmarketable inventory. PLM is a leveraging tool which uses embedded data providing a target for product development which renders more profit, cost management and sales targeted to customer and industry needs.


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Spreadsheets or ERP – Anarchy or Brilliance?

Posted by Gerry Poe

Spreadsheets or ERP Software – Anarchy or Brilliance - You decide. 

If you don’t know what’s good for your company, it’s ERP. 

Knowing and using ERP are two different things. Management purchases ERP software to represent a single source of the truth, our job is to help execute the promise.


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