Infographic: Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

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Manufacturing Operations Management Solution

Complete manufacturing operations management (MOM) and manufacturing execution system (MES) capabilities to help you drive towards world-class standards of operation.

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP)
  • Overall Labor Effectiveness (OLE)

Video and Info-graphic:

Manufacturing Operations Management | MES |


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SYSPRO Celebrating 35 Years of Specialized ERP Experience and Success

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SYSPRO Celebrating 35 Years of Enterprise Experience and Success!
What began in 1978 as a discussion between two brothers, followed by many hours of development of applications around STARS at the time, is today, 35 years later, known as SYSPRO one of the world’s leading independent software developers with a client base of over 15,000 companies, across more than 60 countries.

SYSPRO ERP is designed primarily for the manufacturing and distribution mid-market, offering these companies leveraged value of business critical information.


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Enterprise Automation Tools: Cloud Backup Disaster Recovery Planning

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Enterprise Automation Cloud Backup for Local and Online Data Protection
Cloud Attached Storage combines a local storage appliance with cloud storage services, ideal for the data protection needs of your small or medium business.


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Enterprise Automation Tools: Commissions Calculation System Checklist

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The Purpose for Commissions Automation is process costs and error reduction in sales commission calculations
Commissions calculations in Excel and other hybrid systems introduces a tremendous amount of time and potential errors into the calculation. With a structured commissions system you can reduce the number of errors in commissions and consequently save your company a lot of money.


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Enterprise Automation Application Remote Access Tools

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Which Enterprise application access solution is the best fit for your organization?

If you’re looking for a fast and secure solution to access applications anywhere, then the logical choice is GO-Global® from GraphOn® Corporation. It’s the easy, plug-and-play application delivery solution which enables instantaneous access to existing Windows, UNIX* and Linux* applications from virtually any platform and operating system. What’s more, GO-Global eliminates the need for complex infrastructures such as Citrix® XenApp® or limited Windows-only solutions such as Microsoft® Remote Desktop Services. And only GO-Global provides a fully customizable solution with individual private labeling options, server and client software development kits (SDKs), and product bundling. So going with GO-Global will lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maximize your Return on Investment (ROI).


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Enterprise Automation Process Management Tools

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications are critical to business and IT operations. Ensuring your enterprise application availability for business users is essential. AutoMate leverages your SYSPRO ERP  investment creating comprehensive business automation.


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Enterprise Automation EDI Tools

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Liaison's EDI Notepad is an Enterprise Electronic Data Interchange Data Tool.  What is EDI? EDI is electronic data integration, which simply put means you send and receive automated messages for sales orders, purchase orders, shipment notices, invoice to customers and from suppliers. 

EDI documents, as they are called, come in many “forms”. Such as: an EDI-850 document is a purchase order form and an EDI-810 document is an invoice form.  These standards-based EDI forms are designed to automate, through common layers of software and technologies, everyday transactions, which otherwise, are transcribed manually.  EDI automation saves your enterprise costs and increases data accuracy and reliability.


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Enterprise Automation Tools: Business Continuity in Jeopardy

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Enterprise (Business) Continuity is in jeopardy without a tested and proven preparedness plan.


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