First 6 Questions to Ask for Your Enterprise (ERP) Vision Statement

Posted by Gerry Poe

Within an Enterprise Software (ERP) vision statement, there are really two aspects of ERP management: People and Technology.  ERP software packages impacts the entire organization and affects nearly every employee. There are cases where an ERP project manager may not know who will be affected which leads to unexpected surprises.  Mismanaged ERP implementation can lead to a extra-ordinary loss of time and money.  The sheer size and complexity of ERP implementation makes managing these projects difficult. 


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10 Strategic Phases of an ERP Software Readiness Checklist

Posted by Gerry Poe

Enterprise software project communications, from curiosity to deployment, involves your company's best, brightest and most well paid employees. Accounting software is by no means a trifle exercise for anyone involved. Your company must see the costs before any purchase is made, during the vetting process, post selection, installation, training and implementation and finally go live cut-over success date. A study done in 2012 indicated that companies spend approximately 2-man-years on systems discovery to up to 7 years before a go-live is achieved. Let's hope we can reduce your costs and frustration.


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Enterprise Mission Critical Evaluates the Heart of Business

Posted by Gerry Poe

Understanding the true purpose of the business becomes complicated when adding new leaders and staff.  With a mission statement and a team aligned, barriers to success are removed.


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