Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Planning Pre and Post DRP

Posted by Gerry Poe

Yesterday, while at the office, I was working on the internet. As usual I was doing research, client system inspections, project management, all of those usual things a day encompasses. However, at 9:47 PM, I was unable to send email. I received error messages from the MS Exchange Server indicating email was not being processed. The error message told me email would not arrive at my recipient's inbox. We discovered the error was due to an unreachable internet connection. Which was strange given we upgraded to a faster and more robust platform the week before. 

The following are considerations and resources to help you prepare in case you do not have expert ERP support 24 hours a day:


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Enterprise Automation Tools: Cloud Backup Disaster Recovery Planning

Posted by Gerry Poe

Enterprise Automation Cloud Backup for Local and Online Data Protection
Cloud Attached Storage combines a local storage appliance with cloud storage services, ideal for the data protection needs of your small or medium business.


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