Ten Reasons Why You Don’t Care Where Enterprise Software Suite Lives

Posted by Gerry Poe

Whether installed on-cloud or on-premise – does it really matter to your business where your ERP Software Suite takes up residency? Should it? Of these options, cloud, premise or hybrid, are there reasons to choose one over the other? Business, at any phase, can see the value of both sides of the argument. Costs, dependent capitalizing or renting of your software suite deployment, will affect decisions and outcomes.

If your current or planned systems are capable, flexible and designed for hybrid operations your chances of success will be enhanced.


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The Five Systems of Success

Posted by Gerry Poe

Here is my belief:  To be effective, you must understand the Five Systems of Success.  You must understand not only your direction but also have your destination clearly marked.  Putting the pieces together over 25 years, I developed the Five Systems of Success to ensure success within business, projects and each business relationship.


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