Four Outstanding Benefits of WMS Software

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Streamline inventory management, improve productivity and meet complex industry and customer requirements with WMS software. Below we outline four outstanding benefits from WMS software. 

WMS Systems help you compete

While smaller manufacturers and distributors may not need the complexity of an ERP application designed for their larger peers, they still need a solution that helps them compete for business in the demanding, global world of distribution.

The right WMS software system gives small and midsized distributors and manufacturers the functionality needed to compete and win business in:

round-scc-co-icon-25Complex industries

Industries like consumer packaged goods often have complex needs such as unique labeling,
inventory handling and shipping requirements.

round-scc-co-icon-25Regulated industries

Regulated industries such as automotive and those that handle hazardous materials need systems that help them stay in compliance.

round-scc-co-icon-25Distribution to large retailers

Many large retailers have unique and stringent material handling and labeling requirements that need to be met in order for a distributor or manufacturer to maintain status as a preferred supplier.

round-scc-co-icon-25Global distribution

Organizations that distribute goods abroad need systems that help them create all the necessary paperwork and ensure that nothing is missed.


WMS Software increases productivity in the warehouse and in shipping

Increasing productivity in the warehouse is one way distributors and manufacturers can control costs and “do more with less.” The best WMS software system gives you tools that help you optimize activity in the warehouse including:

round-scc-co-icon-25wms-software-shipping.pngPick plans optimized for your business or products e.g. location sequence , heavy to light,
and minimal picks – pallets, cartons or each.

round-scc-co-icon-25Pick to pack minimizes inventory movement in the warehouse and streamlines order shipments.

round-scc-co-icon-25Vehicle task assignment improves utilization and efficiency of vehicles such as forklifts by assigning specific orders to each vehicle.

round-scc-co-icon-25Wave pick with pack-out increases the efficiency of picking for small orders by allowing the picker to handle more than one order at a time.

round-scc-co-icon-25Forward pick with replenishment provides replenishment logic for forward pick locations to ensure that inventory is available when and where it is needed.

round-scc-co-icon-25License plating increases the efficiency of transactions for pallets of goods and helps meet the labeling requirements for large retailers.

round-scc-co-icon-25Load planning enables picking by load to increase efficiency of order delivery and customer handling requirements.


WMS software offers shipping documentation made easy

The WMS software you choose must offer users a sophisticated shipping documentation capability that will both enhance and simplify the production of all needed shipping documents. Examples include:

round-scc-co-icon-25Pack list for the end customer

round-scc-co-icon-25Bills of lading and manifest for the carrier

round-scc-co-icon-25NAFTA Certificate of Origin, Proforma /
Commercial Invoice for customs clearance

round-scc-co-icon-25US Shippers Export Declaration to meet U.S. government regulations

round-scc-co-icon-25Shipper Letter of Instruction for freight forwarders

round-scc-co-icon-25And other regulatory documents such as the IMO Dangerous Goods Declaration


WMS Software extends shop floor capabilities

In addition to managing the warehouse, the best WMS software solution can be deployed on the shop floor to provide work order issue, work order receipts reporting and a sophisticated in-line production management sub-system that automates the recording of production and tracks labor and material consumption.

We have a solution

Most ERP software systems were not designed to deal with the complexities of the warehouse and supply chain.

Our WMS software system provides the functionality to support warehouse management within your existing ERP framework. COLLECT® WMS software will meet the challenges of your simple to complex warehouse management needs while preserving your existing financial investment in business software. 

Learn more about COLLECT's world-class WMS software extension to your existing ERP software here >.


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