"Enterprise Cybersecurity" - APICS Ventura Event Reveals the Dark Side of Cyberspace

Posted by Gerry Poe


In 2015 alone, hackers stole the records of - 11 million people from Premiere Blue Cross - 10 million people from Excellus BlueCross BlueShield - 80 million people from Anthem In contrast, only 22 million people were directly affected by the hackers who stole information from the Office of Personnel Management.

A recent APICS Ventura event offered the attendees new informatoin about the dark side of cyberspace, what to watch for resources to learn more.  Gerry Poe, CEO of Santa Clarita Consultants, led the discussion and shared why there is a growing concern for cyber security.

A quick video sample of what you missed:



Experts say:

“1 in 6 [of web-based applications] is a malware-related app. Imagine that from the time of floppy disk drives where there would be 15 viruses a month, there is now millions of malware being discovered on a daily basis.”

– Bill Chang, CEO of Group Enterprise, SingTel

“Brokers and clients have told us they want an end to unclear and opaque language, as well as less promotion of off-the-shelf cyber products by insurers and more joined-up risk management solutions.”

- Tim Stapleton Vice President and Cyber Insurance Product Manager,
Overseas General Insurance at Chubb

"Businesses are constantly under “cyber attack. With the attack surface dramatically increased and a mature attackers ecosystem, companies have to be ever more vigilant across all their IT assets"

- Bill Chang.

 “Companies are trying to ensure business-as-usual systems are secure and effective as well as working to drive change through the introduction of new technologies, greater digitization and mobilization of internal and customer-facing systems.”

- Mark Peters, Managing Director, Protiviti

 “Cyber security has become a C-level issue,”

- Peter Swire, a professor at Georgia Tech

“In 2016, we expect boards, audit committees, executives and public officials to ask more pointed questions to ascertain whether their organization is in a defensible position”


"The small businesses, I think, are much more at risk than they realize,”

- Lisa Traina, CPA/CITP, CGMA, President of Traina & Associates in Louisiana.

Protecting our industry from cyber threats is hard, probably one of the hardest things we are facing because we do not know what we are facing or for what we have to prepare“

- Jeff Poole, Director General of the Civil Air Navigation Services Organization (CANSO)

“You don’t need autonomous cars to be hacked”

- Alexander Moiseev, Kaspersky’s Managing Director of Europe 

The PowerPoint slideshow from the recent APICS Ventura event

is available below as a reference:

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