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dash-ddx-suite.jpgToday’s Controllers, CFOs and CIOs are always on the lookout for ways to reduce operational costs. Any change that helps your employees find documents they need more quickly, for example, could help your team become more efficient, reducing your operational costs.

Special pricing is available until the end of the year. Contact me here to learn more before the price goes up.  SUPPORT HOTLINE:  661 621 2604


Digital document management, like DDX™ cuts costs by bringing together a number of concepts, technologies and strategies to reduce or eliminate tedious, time-consuming activities that don’t drive revenue. DDX™, digital document management, automates previously manual tasks, such as maintaining financial compliance records.

Here are five ways you could save on operational costs by adopting DDX™:

1. Storage costs:

When you switch from paper-based processes to digital document management, you don’t need to purchase expensive file cabinets or pay to store and maintain the hard copies of your business records. As a result, you’re able to free up office space for more productive uses than storing paper archives.

2. Copying and printing costs:

By moving from paper to digital documents, there’s no need to create multiple copies for inter-office distribution or to file the same documents into a variety of departmental filing systems. A master copy of the electronic document is stored in the system’s centralized repository, where it’s available to all authorized users. Similarly, there’s no more need to create carbon copies of documents sent to customers and store them in-house. The result is that you spend far less time and money on printing, supplies and equipment.

3. Personnel time:

Document management offers significant improvements in efficiency, resulting in less personnel time spent storing and retrieving documents. Tasks that took minutes or hours with a manual, paper-based system take seconds with a digital document management system. Since all documents are stored in a centralized location, there’s no more time wasted while waiting for colleagues to provide requested documents.

4. Business process costs:

Using the workflow available in DDX™ you may streamline many business processes in accounting, sales, customer service and even HR. Depending on the department, using workflow can lead to faster payments, lower purchasing costs, higher customer satisfaction or increased employee retention.

5. Security and disaster recovery costs:

With a digital document management system, it is easy and inexpensive to automatically back up your documents to other secure locations, helping ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster.

Digital Document Management software provides manufacturers and distributors paperless file and print services. With features like search, retrieve, email and lastly, printing any stored document residing in your MS SQL paperless database. Browsers like Chrome and Firefox and Internet Explorer enables your organization's secure document access sales, and customer service, finance, purchasing, and manufacturing.

Special pricing is available for DASH DDX  until the end of the year. Contact me here to learn more before the price goes up. SUPPORT HOTLINE:  661 621 2604



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