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What is the optimum enterprise software system for Contract Manufacturing Solution to support and manage manufacturing and a broad range of other business concerns; minimizing the need for multiple systems?

The solution must have broad functionality supporting build-to-order, engineer-to-order, and build-to-forecast supply chain models, across both discrete and batch-process manufacturing modes and is particularly well-suited to manufacturers operating in a mixed-mode environment.

This full-scope solution, by necessity, includes applications for financial management, customer relationship management, supply chain management, warehouse management, human resource management, project management, forecast variations, business intelligence, operations management, and quality control.

Software Goals and Objectives

Turn Changing Customer Needs into New Revenue Opportunities:

The best Contract Manufacturing ERP Solution gives you the adaptability you need to take advantage of new revenue opportunities. Provide Better Customer Service. Excellent service will make customers want to do business with you again and again.

When customers know that you can answer any question about an order at any given time, they won't look elsewhere.

Respond Quickly to Customer Changes and Questions:

The ability to respond quickly to customer changes and questions gives you a competitive advantage. Promising orders gives your customers a reliable delivery date immediately, on request. With the Contract Manufacturing ERP Solution, rush orders can be planned immediately from the sales order or quotation. Sales orders are manageable at any point in the production cycle.

  • Multilevel production orders improve coordination of made-to-order requests and simplify the implementation of make-or-buy decisions.
  • Multidimensional tracking allows you to respond instantly to customer inquiries about order status.
  • Access tracking to the dispatch list allows the shop floor manager to determine which customers would be affected if you moved a job.

Improve Your Business Performance:

The Contract Manufacturing ERP Solution helps you run your business more efficiently, so you improve business performance from the shop floor to the bottom line.

Change Manufacturing Methods and Processes Quickly:

The Contract Manufacturing ERP Solution allows you to instantly change your manufacturing methods and processes, helping you to keep up with changing customer needs.

You can modify components and operations on the fly, even on released production orders.

Make Changes Faster:

  • When a change occurs, you can update and quickly change the plan for all materials, costs, and operations simultaneously, without time-consuming batch jobs.
  • Multiple planning options, tracking, and action messaging allow you to quickly and easily make exceptions and last-minute changes to give customers what they want when they want it.
  • You can plan from the sales order, the production order, the purchase requisition, or by traditional MPS/MRP planning methods.
  • Furthermore, purchase planners can easily recognize how to adjust supplier delivery schedules to take advantage of new revenue opportunities.

Change Business Processes Easily:

With the Contract Manufacturing ERP Solution, you can readily change your business processes to accommodate changing workload and customer requirements. You can implement realistic plans according to your capacity demands, and you can redefine:

  • Order modifiers and reorder policies as needed
  • Capacity and calendars to optimize shop load
  • Manufacturing policy options to adapt quickly to new projects

Implement the Most Efficient Processes Faster:

When a customer's needs change, you can easily incorporate the changes made on the shop floor to optimize the current workload.

For example, parallel routing enables you to create critical operational paths for make-to-order and project manufacturing.

Design Efficient Manufacturing Processes:

The Manufacturing ERP Solution provides powerful planning tools that give you the freedom to choose the optimum manufacturing process for ultimate profitability.

For example, when planning production orders, you can prepare product family orders that share the same routing; enabling you to make more efficient build schedules.

To help you better meet customer demand, the Contract Manufacturing ERP Solution supports efficient collaboration with long-term partners through the use of blanket orders.

Speed Up Orders:

The Contract Manufacturing ERP Solution speeds up orders by providing visibility into all aspects of your manufacturing processes. You can improve efficiency and reduce lead-time by:

  • Redefining setup and queue times on the fly
  • Redefining capacity on the fly
  • Using the send-ahead function to control material flow to the next operation

Gain Greater Visibility of Your Business Processes:

The Contract Manufacturing ERP Solution helps you quickly identify processes that could be changed to operate more efficiently and profitably. For example, shop floor operations are readily visible to management so you can easily design new methods to produce a positive impact on the bottom line. Also, you can respond immediately to emergencies because they are easy to spot, track and action.

You can also plan from the sales order. Giving you the flexibility to define the product order structure, making it easier to track the status of multi-line and multi-level orders. Inefficiencies are easy to spot because you can monitor shop floor progress job-by-job. You can also make better pricing decisions because costs, materials, and operations are simultaneously re-planned to reflect shop floor changes. You can switch instantly between manufacturing policies to optimize your business and plan additional critical paths, on the fly, to improve delivery.

Implement without Disruption:

You get immediate value from your investment because the Manufacturing ERP Solution implemented with little disruption to your current manufacturing processes. You can start with a basic implementation and benefit immediately. Then, you can add value with phased software implementation-expanding functionality as your business needs require.

Training time reduction because you can retrain with phased implementation. Flexible planning options let you manually plan production orders, or plan them from sales orders while implementing MRP functionality. While you achieve capacity requirements planning (CRP) and routings, you can calculate and plan production times based on lead times on the item card.

The Contract Manufacturing ERP Solution designed for maximum operational and setup flexibility, so that implementation time gets reduced to a minimum is available today. You can fine-tune the system while it is working and quickly implement changes as your operations demand. Furthermore, you don't need to forecast all manufacturing scenarios during setup - you can respond on the fly.

Effective Management of your Warehouse and Manufacturing:

Another application area of the Contract Manufacturing ERP Solution is warehouse management, which enables you to increase the efficiency of your warehouse. Warehousing works hand in hand with your Manufacturing ERP Solution. Warehousing functionality enables you to speed up the order handling process to increase customer service and reduce warehouse costs and errors. It provides accurate and transparent inventory data to allow you to streamline your warehouse operations.

Santa Clarita Consultants delivers a fully integrated SYSPRO ERP Suite of business software solutions providing complete control over the planning and management of all facets of your business including accounting, manufacturing, and distribution.

To learn more about taking control of your planning, management, accounting systems, and streamlining operations; contact us today by email or telephone.

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