COLLECT® Advanced Fulfillment Software Buyer's Checklist

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With many experts are predicting tough times ahead which makes it a good time to add supply chain execution capabilities to streamline the shipping and receiving processes, improve productivity and meet the increasingly complex industry and customer requirements.

Unfortunately, not all systems help you compete and if you are a smaller manufacturer or distributor, you may not need the complexity of an ERP application designed for larger peers.  

With this consideration, you still need a solution that helps compete for business in the demanding, global world of distribution.

COLLECT-avanced-ship-1.pngIndustries which have an opportunity to improve functionality, compete and win business, even when times get tough:

Complex industries – Industries like consumer packaged goods often have complex needs such as unique labeling, packaging and shipping requirements.

Regulated industries – Regulated industries such as automotive and those that handle hazardous materials need systems that help them stay in compliance.

Distribution to large retailers – Many large retailers have unique and stringent material handling and labeling requirements that need to be met in order for a distributor or manufacturer to maintain status as a preferred supplier.

Global distribution – Organizations that distribute goods abroad need systems that help them create all the necessary paperwork and ensure that nothing is missed.

Advanced Fulfillment

If you ship hundreds of orders per day or dozens of truck loads per day, it is important to have a system designed to make your shipping processes efficient and most importantly, accurate.  

Use this checklist to evaluate your current system or one you are considering and be sure it includes:

  • Batch picking and pack out solutions which enable customers to ship several hundreds or even thousands of orders per day by making the pick and pack processes efficient.

  • License plating or LPN for users with lot or serial controlled items to reduce transaction volume.

  • Integration to carrier systems such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS during the pack out process to eliminate manual entry of information, further simplifying the shipping process.

  • If your shipping is a large order, LTL or truck load oriented, a special mode for shipment preparation will address your needs, and trucks can be shipped with a single transaction. * Direct integration to your chosen carriers should be avilable.

  • A system will provide all shipping documents, invoice, pro-forma, pack-slip, NAFTA, Certificate of Origin and Hazmat.
  • The flexibility to be implemented as an individual module, or in conjunction with a suite of modules such as a shop floor data collection, or as part of a warehouse management system.

We have a solution:

COLLECT® Advanced Ship and COLLECT® Advanced Fulfillment

If you do not need a full WMS but still need advanced functionality in terms of support for picking methods, document preparation and real time integration to carrier systems.

COLLECT® provides the same shipment capabilities found in a WMS without requiring the implementation of a full WMS. 

Fits like a glove.

As with all of MSC’s products, COLLECT® Advanced Ship and Advanced Fulfillment has been designed to meet your needs, and our people understand how to make them work for you so you can get on with reaping the rewards of a more profitable business.

A good next step:

Most ERP software systems were not designed to deal with the complexities of the warehouse and supply chain.

We understand the complex, and keep it simple. COLLECT® Advanced Ship and COLLECT® Advanced Fulfillment provides the functionality to support warehouse management within your existing ERP framework. 

COLLECT® Advanced Ship and COLLECT® Advanced Fulfillment software will meet the challenges of your simple to complex warehouse management needs while preserving your existing financial investment in business software. 

Learn more about COLLECT's world-class WMS software extension to your existing ERP software here 


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