Manufacturers Fail to Realize ERP’s Role in Customer Experience

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manufacturing technology When all else fails do we read the manual? Why do companies not gain the full value from their technology investments (software, infrastructure, and training)? Struggle to understand why things do not go as defined or planned? Frustrated with ongoing inability to plan and strategize over the long run? Run out of emotional energy and funding before the project return on investment (ROI) are achieved?

Here is what a leading ERP vendor sponsored survey reveals about the causes and results: 

The Gap: “Only 9% of leading companies have fully realized the importance of creating a customer-oriented culture and process workflows”

Manufacturers Fail To Realize ERP’s Role In Customer Experience

Some Key Statistics:

  • In companies with 100–1,000 employees, over 90% of respondents indicated that their ERP has limited, little or no contribution towards the delivery of a good customer experience. The opposite holds true for larger companies with more than 5,000 employees.
  • Conversely, better integration seems to be an enabler of an improved customer experience in larger companies where there is a higher instance of single ERP systems. In particular, nearly 75% of large manufacturers with 5,000 employees or more indicated that their ERP is a vital platform for delivering a good customer experience as it connects the back and front office operations.
  • The reality across the majority of small and midsized enterprises is that they possess numerous home-grown systems (nearly 40% for manufacturers with 100–1,000 employees) or no ERP at all. This creates a lack of timely information as data is stored in too many different IT systems that are loosely connected, making it difficult to influence customer satisfaction even at the most basic level.
  • Only 9% of leading companies have fully realized the importance of creating a customer-oriented culture and process workflows to generate superior customer experience.
  • Conversely, sellers focus less about cost but more about delivering a good product and service to customers.
  • SYSPRO ERP is working hard to meet product/service features and function expectations and believe their customers will continue buying if they reliably deliver and support their product and services.
Case Study Download:

For an inside look at manufacturing and the future of technologies, download "SYSPRO Unveils New Manufacturing Survey on IT Priorities" case study. This case study supports enterprise thinking about how the value and priority an ERP system adds to manufacturing business management, growth, profit and sustainability.

In conjunction with these study results presented, this case study highlights a few more key points in favor of fully implementing ERP software for manufacturing enterprise performance management. If fossil fuels are the energy of the transportation industry, ERP is the life blood of the manufacturing enterprise. As all encompassing as enterprise software has become in the past decade, an enterprise absent ERP struggles with confidently growing as others in competing sectors can and risking market share in the process.


Manufacturing is a complex business process. ERP software is tasked with simplifying operations while creating data integrity through an enterprise integration framework to derive more business value for your technology systems. When software and business people team up with enterprise technologies they become the winning combination. Big data are on a warpath with the business because of expansion and constant changes within, data is either an enemy, an advocate or an island. The decision about how it is treated and mined may help solve many dilemmas while uncovering unknown business constraints in the process.

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