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enterprise automation using automateEnterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications are critical to business and IT operations. Ensuring your enterprise application availability for business users is essential. AutoMate leverages your SYSPRO ERP  investment creating comprehensive business automation.

AutoMate manages SYSPRO ERP processes as part of larger process workflows. As a result, from a centralized dashboard, business and IT process automation consolidating processes from varying applications; including SYSPRO ERP, solutions are all tied together into a single script-free workflow.

Built-in AUtomation Tools:

  • Connect SYSPRO ERP applications to other business applications with event-based scheduling and integrated workflows
  • Monitor, manage and trigger dependencies between SYSPRO ERP processes and external processes
  • Maintain complete audit trail of process events
  • Use SYSPRO ERP events (like end-of-day processing) to trigger workflows and tasks
  • Extensive reporting including automated exporting of data to PDF, HTML, CSV, et al.
  • Support of multiple process instances and environments, on-premise or in the Cloud
  • Offer more user flexibility and extensive calendar options for scheduling ERP processes

AutoMate in use:

  • End-of-day reporting and process automation
  • Sorting and filtering email distribution lists
  • Send reports to users inboxes and file repositories
  • Automation of business processes
  • Integrate with VB scripting and other technology tools

For more information about AutoMate, download the factsheet:

enterprise automation withj automate Download Factsheet click here.

Does your organization’s Enterprise Automation Tools include:

  • Automation Technologies: EDI, XML, SYSPRO E.Net and Microsoft .net
  • EDI - Trading Partner Management
  • Supplier Performance Analysis
  • Customer/Supplier Web Portal
  • Supply Chain Transfer Processing Automation
  • Approved Supplier Management

These questions are but a few in the Complete Enterprise (ERP) Self Assessment which includes over 300 questions. You can download the complete ERP self assessment here:

Download the Checklist: The Complete Enterprise  (ERP) Self Assessment




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