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Liaison's EDI Notepad is an Enterprise Electronic Data Interchange Data Tool.  What is EDI? EDI is electronic data integration, which simply put means you send and receive automated messages for sales orders, purchase orders, shipment notices, invoice to customers and from suppliers. 

EDI documents, as they are called, come in many “forms”. Such as: an EDI-850 document is a purchase order form and an EDI-810 document is an invoice form.  These standards-based EDI forms are designed to automate, through common layers of software and technologies, everyday transactions, which otherwise, are transcribed manually.  EDI automation saves your enterprise costs and increases data accuracy and reliability.

SYSPRO EDI, as an enterprise transaction automation tool, has many data elements and technicalities which may not be easily understood by your sales and marketing, customer service and IT groups.

Liaison’s EDI Notepad is an EDI data file editor, viewer and validation tool.  Particularly beneficial during the on-boarding process for new suppliers and customers, Liaison EDI Notepad provides ease-of-use understanding the various data used in an EDI transaction document.

Example of an EDI-850 raw-data view:

syspro edi raw data

EDI Notepad Professional provides the features you’ve always wanted when viewing, validating, and editing your EDI transactions.  Different views are available for the purpose of data investigation and validating against EDI standards your enterprise software requires for transaction processing.

Example of an EDI-850 formatted data view:

syspro edi data view

Knowing your data you send and receive is easily deciphered and understandable to anyone in your organization will help gain support and acceptance of EDI within your company. When you no longer speak in terms of the raw-data, instead demonstrating clearly what is represented, your job just got easier.

The simple-use tool takes what is a misunderstood enterprise beneficial system and clarifies the purpose and streamlines integration.

We hope we have simplified your SYSPRO EDI experience helping you see how EDI reduces costs benefiting your company.

For more information about Liaison's EDI Notepad, download the factsheet:

Download Factsheet click here.

Does your organization’s Supply Chain Management System include:

  • Purchasing System
  • Requisition System
  • Automation Technologies: EDI /XML/ E.Net
  • EDI - Trading Partner Management
  • Supplier Performance Analysis
  • Customer/Supplier Web Portal
  • Consignment Inventory
  • Supply Chain Transfers Processing and Documentation
  • Approved Supplier Management

These questions are but a few in the Complete Enterprise (ERP) Self Assessment which includes over 300 questions. You can download the complete ERP self assessment here:

Download the Checklist: The Complete Enterprise  (ERP) Self Assessment


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