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syspro 7 introductionSYSPRO 7 Introduction
Apart from the field size changes which make up the bulk of the changes you will experience when using SYSPRO 7, additional functionality and other changes proliferate SYSPRO.

All standard reports have been replaced with SRS (SYSPRO Reporting Services) reports and several legacy programs have been removed and replaced with new user interfaces and improved functionality. The menu has undergone some changes, both in the way it works and in the general layout. Wherever possible, SYSPRO has attempted to make your SYSPRO experience easier and richer in functionality.

SYSPRO 7 Sneak Preview and Introduction to Power Tailoring



Considerable changes have been made to the User Interface and Customization features in SYSPRO 7.  Although some of the changes seem to be more cosmetic in nature, such as changes to the menu system and the ribbon bar, other changes are more fundamental, and include changes to address fields throughout the product and dynamic menu navigation, which allows the menu to be accessed through flow diagrams, allowing your business processes to be mapped through user menus.

The chart controls throughout the system have been replaced to give increased functionality, including the ability to build your own Gantt charts and multiple diagrams through a single chart.  New form fields give increased customization facilities to all forms throughout the product.  The VBScripting features have been improved to give you more control and are easier to use.

Tutorials on many of these new features can be accessed directly through the Favorites menu in SYSPRO 7.


New business objects have been added for the Warehouse Management, substantially enriching the current offering.  The WMS module has had many new setup business objects added, with query business objects to follow.  For a full list of all the new programs, please refer to the WMS New Features guide.

Instead of supplying a QMS module, SYSPRO are currently investigating using UniPoint as the QMS offering.  More detail will be provided at a later date.


SYSPRO has added a GL balancing application, which allows you to identify all discrepancies between your sub-modules and General Ledger control balances.


New user interfaces ensure as much of the product as possible can make use of the new customization and personalization features which became a part of the product several years ago and continue to grow and increase in functionality.

Areas of interest include Blanket Purchase Orders, Business-to-Business trading, Job Logging, various Import programs, AR, AP, Cash Book and General Ledger.


The new standard address fields have been added to the XML used to build all relevant documents. They have not been added to the templates, but can be accessed if required.

  • CRYSTAL 2011

SYSPRO 7 sees all SRS reports and printing making use of Crystal 2011, which gives enhanced capabilities to your company's reports and templates designs.

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