Maximizing Enterprise Software for Growth and Profitability

Posted by Gerry Poe

erpprofit2Once the essential ERP questions related to customers are answered and understood, unraveling the perplexities for growth and profitability is of high interest to all stakeholders.  We will keep the questions simple because the objective is to maximize the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software within the organization.

The following questions need to be answered by the management team.  A lack of knowledge with regard to these simple questions will leave the enterprise lagging.  Many times the enterprise software becomes the blame when in reality it is a lack of understanding by the managment team which is the primary barrier to success.

  1. What product or service is the most profitable?
  2. What customers provide the most sales?
  3. What new products are in the pipeline to provide continuous revenue growth?
  4. What new products are coming on board?
  • What product roll out plan is in place?
  • What is the expected growth for the next 12 months?
  • What is the expected revenue in five years?
  • The questions are in and of themselves fairly basic.  When you look at the answers in combination with the Complete Enterprise (ERP) Self Assessment, you will see a pattern develop.  While you may believe your management team is in sync, most teams have marginal performers who don't have a clue.  These marginal performers are making decisions which hold the company back.  A review of these growth and profit questions will bring to light who is aligned with the company's mission and who is unaware (and may be coasting).

    You can find The Complete Enterprise (ERP) Self Assessment with over 300 questions here:

    Download the Checklist: The Complete Enterprise  (ERP) Self Assessment


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