CRM Software Provides 44% Increase in Forecast Accuracy

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CRM provides the tools to effectively lead your business to success.
You can sell more effectively with better sales tracking and real-time visibility. With your own CRM software solution, every step of a sale—from phone calls and emails to collaboration with colleagues—is tracked in one place, so your sales reps stay on top of deals and build stronger relationships with customers.

With real-time visibility and reporting, you can make smarter business decisions and get higher close rates. The average CRM company solution experiences:

  • 30% increase in sales
  • 33% increase in productivity
  • 28% increase in productivity from mobile
  • 27% increase in deal size
  • 25% increase in win rate
  • 44% increase in forecast accuracy

10 Steps to CRM Success

  1. Recognize the Customer's Role

The phrase "Customer Relationship Management" is backwards. Successful firms don't succeed because they "manage" their customers. They use technology to allow the customer to manage the relationship with them.

  1. Build a Business Case

Where's the money? How exactly is CRM going to pay off? Will it lower costs of selling, marketing, and servicing? How much? Will CRM increase the effectiveness of your selling efforts? If so, how do you quantify this, and what is the specific financial return you can expect? What are the specific cost savings? What's the revenue benefit? How will CRM be measured and accounted for?

  1. Gain Buy-in From End-Users to Executives

Like any investment CRM will only pay off if utilized. Would your company invest in new office space and not expect to occupy? Of course not. Yet, far too many CRM and related technology investments have been deployed without taking the steps to ensure they're utilized. The key to utilization is simple: the technology helps people do their jobs. If CRM doesn't help, or worse hinders, CRM won't be utilized, and won't pay off. At every stage of CRM planning and implementation, the users of the solution must be consulted and their buy-in assured.

  1. Make Every Contact Count

A common mistake is focusing exclusively on the CRM applications while ignoring the data infrastructure that sits below them. Customer data can be found in just about every corner of every application within a company's IT environment-and most certainly not just within the CRM application.

  1. Drive Sales Effectiveness

CRM generally applies to applications for customer and supplier-facing employees, specifically three groups: Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. The goal of CRM is to not to simply automate each area independently but to integrate efforts such that customer data and processes are handled in a coordinated, consistent manner.

  1. Measure and Manage the Return on Marketing

Marketing must also benefit from CRM but in a different way than Sales does. Marketing's biggest problem is that they are regularly asked by management to prove that they are providing tangible value to the company. This isn't the type of intangible value (a stronger brand, enhanced product positioning) that marketers have long promoted as the value of marketing; rather, it requires evidence of real financial return delivered to the corporate bottom line.

  1. Leverage the Loyalty Effect

You have probably heard "It's 10 times more expensive to get a new customer than it is to keep an existing customer"? While it's oversimplified, it's also true. It also points to how CRM initiatives that enhance customer service can provide measurable value to the organization. But before implementing technology, a different view of customer service and its value to the organization must be put in place.

  1. Build your Team

Making the best choices requires having the right team driving the decision. You must assemble the team before you select the technology! Many companies do the opposite and find themselves with technology decisions that are inappropriate or unsuitable for their business and technical requirements. This leaves a frustrated team trying to retrofit an investment that shouldn't have been made.

  1. Seek Help - Think Locally and Globally

Companies whose CRM initiatives succeed, can leverage outside expertise in making decisions. This gives them perspective on what other companies are doing successfully and unsuccessfully. Outside people facilitate agreement and can overcome internal obstacles and disagreements. They provide advice and perspective not present within the company. Someone who has been there and done that can be invaluable.

  1. We Are Here to Help You Succeed

We are your SYSPRO CRM knowledge-point, even though our products are now much more than customer relationship management (CRM). We can talk with you about how to choose and where to automate not just your customer relationships but all your business relationships and systems. CRM is now relationship management, and SYSPRO CRM is a best-of-breed relationship management solution. If there were an 11th step, we would discuss what comes after the successful deployment of your relationship management system. If it is a truly successful deployment, you will be ready to build on the same foundation and find other ways to create value out of the data in your business processes. That's actually more than a step - it's a giant leap.

Summary: Focused on tasks instead of a mission leaves a team caring less and functioning at a low level.

For more information about CRM, download the factsheet:

syspro crm factsheetClick here:

Your Customer and Supplier Relationship Management (CRM/SRM) Needs:

  • Customer Service and Support
  • Field Service and Trouble Ticket Management
  • Call Center/ Help Desk
  • Sales Staff Automation
  • Work Flow with Process Milestones
  • Customer Query and Reporting
  • Warranty Tracking – Serial and Lot Expiries
  • Mobile Technologies Platform Support
  • Accounting System ERP Integration
  • Supplier Communications purchasing, and quotations

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