Enterprise Automation: EDI, AS2 and ERP What's the Connection?

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edi as2 erp softwareIntegrating your EDI and your ERP or accounting system is one of the best business decisions you can make. Poor planning, lack of clarity and ownership, however, can quickly turn your EDI integration project into a costly mistake that can have disastrous results

Not All AS2 EDI Solutions are Created Equal . . . Just like not all ERP Software is Created Equal.

AS2 is technology for most electronic transactions.

(AS2 wikipedia.com (Applicability Statement 2) is a specification about how to transport data securely and reliably over the Internet. Security is achieved by using digital certificates and encryption.)

The right AS2 software solution can improve trading relationships, decrease costs and minimize risk.

AS2 Software is designed to manage your EDI Internet Transactions.

Certificate Exchange Messaging: Reduce manual tasks through automated certificate management and transaction exchange

AS2: Support large file transfers and automatically restart services without resending data
Chunked Transfer Encoding: Verify file transfers are completed by sending messages in 'chunks' vs. large file lengths (breraking up large transaction into manageable pieces reduces bandwidth demands ans smooths network load)

  • Filename Preservation: Ensure filenames are consistent when communicating with your trading partners (customers and suppliers)
  • Multiple Attachments: Keep important files together by sending data and metadata simultaneously as attachments.
  • Interoperability is vital to managed, secure file transfer systems.

Drummond Certification establishes CLEO as an AS2 leader. The Drummond certification program provides neutral third party testing of software within a simulated, controlled real-world secure file transfer environment.

The business climate today wants flexible solutions putting your data and technology to work for you. Minimizing risks means minimizing the potential for errors which result in costly consequences from fines, lost data, shipment delays, damage control, performance gaps, payment delays and lost orders. There’s no time for down-time.

CLEO VLTrader is a reliable and high-performance managed file transfer solution that will have you meeting SLAs, increasing cash flow and speed-to-market in no time.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is your enterprise supply chain transaction exchange and confirmation system. Purchase orders, Sales Order Acknowledgements, Invoice processing, and document management wrapped into a single integrated business system.  Reliability and cost reductions from transcription and data entry errors are key to customer satisfaction.  EDI and Cleo are integrated to SYSPRO ERP making your business simplified.

In conclusion, it’s important for any small or mid-sized business to create a careful strategy for data integration. EDI Integration for the SMB must be given the same strategic importance as a well-thought-out marketing plan or development plan. It’s only by using this same type of  strategic vision that the SMB planning an EDI Integration project will avoid the pitfalls common to EDI Integration.

For more information about CLEO Softwarte for your business, download the factsheet:

enterprise automation withj automate Download Factsheet click here. 


Does Your Enterprise Solution contain these integrated systems?
Supply Chain Management:

  • Purchasing System
  • Requisition System
  • Supply Chain Automation: EDI /XML/.Net
  • EDI - Trading Partner Management
  • Document Management: AS2 Software
  • Supplier Performance Analysis
  • Customer/Supplier Web Portal
  • Consignment Inventory
  • Supply Chain Transfer Processing and Documents
  • Approved Supplier Management

Focused on tasks instead of a mission can leave your team caring less and functioning at lower levels.

A free copy of The Complete Enterprise (ERP) Self-Assessment is available for immediate download. With over 300 questions, it will improve the ability of your team to align and get better results.

Download the Checklist: The Complete Enterprise  (ERP) Self Assessment



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