First 6 Questions to Ask for Your Enterprise (ERP) Vision Statement

Posted by Gerry Poe

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Within an Enterprise Software (ERP) vision statement, there are really two aspects of ERP management: People and Technology.  ERP software packages impacts the entire organization and affects nearly every employee. There are cases where an ERP project manager may not know who will be affected which leads to unexpected surprises.  Mismanaged ERP implementation can lead to a extra-ordinary loss of time and money.  The sheer size and complexity of ERP implementation makes managing these projects difficult. 

To that end, answering the first set of questions about your Enterprise vision statement creates the foundation for a successful implementation. 

Enterprise vision statement

1.        Is your enterprise vision statement written in the present?

2.        Does your vision summarize outcomes in powerful phrases?

3.        Does your vision statement clearly describe expectations?

4.        Does your vision statement evoke emotion & motivation?

5.        Does your vision build a clear lasting picture?

6.        Does your enterprise live your vision statement?

If you are interested in performing an ERP assessment internally and avoid the consultants (as well meaning as we may be), download The Complete Enterprise (ERP) Self Assessment which has well over 300 questions.

Download the Checklist: The Complete Enterprise  (ERP) Self Assessment


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