Manufacturing Technology Orders Jump 40%

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IMTS buying rush pushes orders over $650 million for the month, putting 2012 on track to become one of the strongest years in USMTO program history.
Travis Hessman | IndustryWeek 

“In the 17 years that this data has been collected, there is only one other month that broke $600 million. Both of those were in months that reflected sales from IMTS, showing its strength as the largest manufacturing event in the Americas,” said Douglas K. Woods, AMT President.


Total U.S. Manufacturing Technology Orders Through September 2012

September U.S. manufacturing technology orders totaled $667.47 million according to AMT-The Association for Manufacturing Technology. This total, as reported by companies participating in the USMTO program, was up 40.7% from August and up 13.4% when compared with the total of $588.80 million reported for September 2011. With a year-to-date total of $4,282.11 million, 2012 is up 5.6% compared with 2011.

Western Region: Western Region manufacturing technology orders in September stood at $104.72 million, 33.7% more than the August total of $78.34 million and 53.4% higher than the figure for September 2011. The $510.09 million year-to-date total was 8.0% above the total for the same period in 2011.

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