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automate enterprise automationSimplify Your ERP Administration with AutoMate
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications are critical to business and IT operations. Ensuring these applications stay available to business users is essential and oftentimes challenging. With AutoMate, you can leverage your ERP investment to create a comprehensive business automation platform.

AutoMate manages ERP processes as part of larger process workflows. As a result, from a centralized console, business and IT process automation are consolidated so that processes from varying applications, including ERP solutions are all tied together into a single script-free workflow.

  • Automation for end of day procedures and processes.
  • Connect ERP applications to other business applications with event-based scheduling and integrated workflows
  • Monitor, manage and trigger dependencies between ERP processes and external processes
  • Maintain complete audit trail of process events
  • Use ERP events (like end-of-day processing) to trigger workflows and tasks
  • Extensive reporting including automated exporting of data to PDF, HTML, CSV, et al.
  • Support of multiple ERP instances and environments, on-premise or in the Cloud
  • Offers more flexible and extensive calendar options for scheduling ERP processes

Customer Reviews:

AutoMate: The Best Medicine
Juan Garcia
Systems Analyst, U of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

"For us, AutoMate combines two very important functionalities: job scheduling/triggering and automation. In our initial effort when we attempted to use Launchpad and AutoIT, we were trying to combine Launchpad's job scheduling functionality with AutoIT's automation capabilities. This was a mistake. What we really needed was one powerful tool that had both the triggering and automation capabilities. In our solution, AutoMate is central to application integration - it orchestrates three critical applications used extensively at MD Anderson Cancer Center, and coordinates thousands of file and data transfers."

First Credit Union
Frank Oldale
Chief Technical Officer

"What we find really useful is the power and flexibility of AutoMate. Having all of these automation shortcuts usually eliminates the need for programming, but we also have the option to use Visual Basic scripting when we have a particularly complex set of variables. We purchased the platform to handle a single task, but it has turned out to be a versatile solution that has enabled us to stretch our IT and accounting resources in many ways."

More AutoMate utility value:

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  • AWS Automation
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  • ERP Automation
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  • Ftp Automation
  • Excel Automation
  • Macro Software
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  • Database Automation
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  • Telnet Automation Software
  • BPA Software
  • Enterprise Job Scheduling Software
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  • SNMP Automation

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AutoMate Factsheet


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