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dash ddx suite paperless officePaperless Enterprise Experience: Feel The Power
Document Management Concerns: costs and disaster recovery planning make sense for a paperless enterprise environment.  Here is an outline of some key factors that may help identify your company as a good prospect for Enterprise Integrated Document Management software.

Dash ddx, and enterprise wide paperless management system, is one such product satisfying a need across enterprises for document management by replacing older systems such as file cabinets, printing, multi-part forms, bursting and decollating, mailing and postage and handling costs.

How do you currently handle documents in your company? Printing, filing, mailing, storing a copy in a disk-file in multiple storage-locations so all users have access when/if they need?  How, then, do you manage disaster recovery from fires and natural disasters?  What have your teams decided is the best storage and retrieval methods for fast response and ensuring uptime? 

The likelihood is you have some document management gaps which you would be better off if they are closed.  Citing some examples of what may constitute your needs for a system to handling these mission-critical “papers”, we present the following for consideration of a paperless environment.

Your Document Management Concerns & Attributes Might be:

Consider Efficiency and Volume Parameters

  • Lots of paper files are vulnerable to disaster and loss.
  • Many copies distributed internally & externally; indicate communication, and possible work-flow needs.
  • Order value is small, lots of orders (high handling cost / order)
  • Order Packets – orders require lots of documentation
  • Lack of common framework across the organization for sharing, sorting and distributing
  • Sharing documents in a variety of departments, and/or physical locations
  • Various review and/or approval processes suffer from lost info, or document “invisibility” while in-process
  • Critical pieces of paper are easily lost, hidden or misplaced.
  • Disaster planning means protecting information which now exists only/primarily on paper.
  • Document Security and Sharing concerns
  • Revision controlled documents are required/mandated
  • High ratio of handling cost / document. (Lots of small $ orders, shipments, invoices, purchase orders)
  • Related documents are
    • disorganized / scattered in different locations
    • and/or disparate types (.doc, .pdf, .xls)
    • and/or from a variety of sources.
  • Document/Information Silos: Manila folders contain various paper documents for an order.
  • Local email stores, segregated local or network directories,
  • Flow of work very paper-based; issues with potential loss, visibility, accessibility and visibility
  • Many individuals need access to paper files (and/or the same document).
  • Document Sharing for single, or multi-location operations
  • Approval / Sign-off processes need control and visibility.
  • Need/want an integrated approach to document management
  • Engineering as a primary focus: (Dash ddx is not a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system)
  • Risk Avoidance / Disaster Recovery
  • Organizational Effectiveness and efficiency

Current Census of Document Management User Requirements

Note that this census is largely driven by sales predisposed to cater to various industry segments. Dash ddx, as a product, is flexible enough to be reconfigured for a variety of industries and applications. Dash, however, has a strong manufacturing/distribution background lending itself well towards dealing with such requirements.

  • Company/Division Size: $5-200m, Average approximately $25-50m
  • Number of ERP Users: 5-250, Average size: 15-64
  • Document Management Users: 5-100, Average: 10-20

Company Types: Predominantly Manufacturing and Distribution – across a variety of  industries and product mixes.

  • Industrial and Commercial Machinery and Computer Equipment and Fabricated Metal Products
  • Machinery & Transport Equipment Transportation Equipment
  • Makers/Distributors of Building Materials, Hardware (building/construction related)
  • Electronic, Electrical Equipment & Components (Except Computer Equipment)
  • Rubber and Miscellaneous Plastic Products
  • Apparel, Finished Products from Fabrics & Similar Materials
  • Food and Kindred Products
  • Medical devices and lot-intensive products
  • Lumber and Wood Products, Except Furniture
  • Printing, Publishing and Allied Industries
  • Business Services
  • Chemicals and Allied Products
  • Local Government
  • Wholesale Trade -Durable/Nondurable Goods
  • Oil and Gas Extraction
  • Paper and Allied Products
  • Transportation Service


Considering the costs of paper processing, handling and overall post-print management of your enterprise' documents; paperless processing alleviates and controls cost escalations associated with growth. Going paperless enables a company to standardize, across your enterprise, document management, policies, procedures and processes.  Paperless means operators know and understand, with confidence, what they need for their job is located in a secure reliable storage and retrieval system.  Sorting and retrieval is a matter of fast and easy on-screen queries, keyed to pertinent information, such as a sales order, customer, purchase order, or manufacturing job.  The information retrieved can then be attached in an email, printed, faxed, or as another composite document compiled from the same system storing the originals.

These features and benefits of paperless document management help your company gain consistency and competency in data management and document control.  Essentially any document which can be printed can be stored in the container-database housing all of your documents.

To start off your paperless power, you simply start printing, Dash ddx does the rest.

Much more than a repository for archived documents, organizations using Document Management can perform critical business tasks quickly, creating operational efficiency and accountability while accelerating processes in which work is accomplished.

Download your Dash ddx SYSPRO Document Management Fact Sheet here:

document managfement dash ddx syspro 





Disaster recovery and management of enterprise documents is mission critical. Inclusion of a document management tool ensures simplicity, recovery and adds high value to your business systems.

You can download the complete ERP self assessment here:

Download the Checklist: The Complete Enterprise  (ERP) Self Assessment 


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