ABCs of ERP Advanced Cycle Counting

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inventory cycle counting
Best Practices:
Inventory cycle counting, stock-take, inventory counting processes, policies and procedures, traditionally, cause much pain and are costly. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, retailer, eCommerce, construction or plumbing company your inventory levels can make or break your day. The tools we have makes this a reality. In the SYSPRO world of "counting tools", we have some advanced methods and software to assist. Advanced cycle count systems like SuttonDirect's product, provide us with fast and accurate ways to verify and schedule inventory quantity verification. The ability to assign stock codes into control groups, for one thing, ensures us that our high volume inventory is accurate, enabling reliability to meet customer needs.

Advanced Cycle Count Benefits:

  • Provides users with a formal random selection of stock codes for cycle counts
  • Assigns count frequency based on ABC classification automatically
  • Ability to also assign troublesome stock codes into Control Groups
  • 1,2,3 or D(Daily), W(Weekly), B(Bi-Weekly), M(Monthly)
  • Flexible Count Frequency
  • Maintains a complete history of cycle count results for analysis
  • Provides a tool to analyze your cycle count history
  • Records the date of the last cycle count for each stock code
  • Records the number of cycle counts for each stock code

Facility to work in conjunction with the standard SYSPRO® Stock Take System adding more detailed control and flexibility to the cycle-counting process.

Added tables are defined for use within SYSPRO® Report Writer and Crystal Reports (SRS), allowing users to do custom analysis of Cycle Count History

Various methods give flexibility in determining each product-type needs are met. For example; in some cases we want to count the 20% or best selling, so we chose ABC classes. SYSPRO stores this information against each part so you can filter just the 20%, or "A" items if needed. Or perhaps you want to count by part number; warehouse; and location sequence, which we call this bin-sequence.

Whatever is your best method for your company Advanced Cycle Counting lets you chose.


The Advanced Cycle Count system provides you with a fast and accurate way to verify inventory quantities. The ability to assign stock codes into control groups insures us that our high volume inventory is accurate, allowing us to reliably meet customer demands.

The three main factors for inventory control decision making processes are:

  • Inventory holding costs (e.g., based on the interest and tax rates).
  • Cost of placing an order (e.g., for raw material).
  • Cost of shortages, i.e., what is lost if the inventory is insufficient to meet all demand, on time.

SYSPRO offers organizations the tools necessary for smooth running, financially sound, best business practices operation.

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