Integrated Document Management for SYSPRO ERP

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Integrated Document Management for SYSPRO ERP
Dash’s ddxSuite™, SYSPRO Integrated Document Management solution which is cost effective, "green minded" – including document management, archival and automated delivery of your valuable business documents. With DAsh's ddx you will find, preserve, share, protect and deliver documents better, faster and with less effort — reducing costs, boosting productivity, and improving communications while increasing profitability.

integrated document management for syspro

Simple »

Just print from SYSPRO like you normally do. ddx automatically indexes and archives the documents SYSPRO produces — such as invoices, purchase orders, and order acknowledgement. The same tools can be used for other non-SYSPRO documents as well, like CAD drawings and more - linking them together with other relevant documents regardless of their source.

Use SYSPRO's Hyperlinks or VB Scripting to add context-sensitive searches from within your SYSPRO Screens.

In addition, ddx's advanced print management delivers those same documents to your trading partners by fax, email or distributes to one or more printers, speeding communications. It even links with popular office programs like Microsoft’s Word™ and Excel™.

ddxSuite’s Document Management Archive also supports almost any type of file, including scanned paper documents.

Easy »

Create Delivery Preferences for each customer, vendor or other “destination”: They receive their documents the way they prefer — and all automatically. ddx takes care of it for you.

With ddx Document Management, you can focus on the things that need your attention. Work Flow in ddx takes the place of your in-basket: automatically routing your documents for review, approval, comment, etc. Your documents are never lost, and are always available to all who need them.

Flexible »

In addition to hands-off delivery, ddx gives you lightning-fast access to all of your vital documents either as a simple hyper-link from within SYSPRO, or as a stand-alone application. You will easily add to the archive or search, re-print, email and extract copies of previously archived documents.

Administrative features give you total control over who has access to what documents, and how they view them. Set options to control Security, Revision Control, create new Views and document types. You can even use it to create custom views for Work Flow, special organization and other unique needs.

Connected »

Off-the-shelf integration with SYSPRO is a real ddx advantage – enabling you to connect various types of documents from many sources into one coherent group. ddx is easily integrated with any Windows application or Business system — most often without any programming. With Dash’s exclusive ddxPort™ Form Recognition you can now automate delivery and archival of virtually any structured form, from any system, as quickly and easily as printing.

ddx is ready for your whole company with scalability from 5 to 500 users. Security features that focus users on only what they are authorized to see. For documents that are changed or updated, the optional Revision Control feature ensures that your user is always seeing the latest revision of a document, while older versions are still accessible. Built on top of Microsoft SQL Server gives ddx an industrial strength base that is highly extensible.

It doesn't get much easier for SYSPRO Users than Dash's ddxSuite for SYSPRO ERP. ddx simply makes it fast and easy to deliver and manage all of your documents within the reach of small and mid-sized organization.


Seeing firsthand how this amazing tool gets it all done, makes you think "How did we ever getalong without DASH ddx". Meeting Jim Van Hecke, President and Gerry Fitzgibbons,  from Dash at the recent SYSPRO Conference in Anaheim, CA, makes me see the true benefit of a partner product looking after client needs, saving both time and money, giving a fast ROI without the cost and pain of developing custom applications to deliver a robust document management system.

Contact us today for a demonstration and more information.

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