ERP Backup Before Upgrades and Enhancements

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Backing up your ERP before upgrades and enhancements is mission critical.
Installing and upgrading SYSPRO ERP software, while preserving company settings, is critical to operational continuity.

Questions to ask:

  1. Which files must be backed up?
  2. Which files belong to a user specifically?
  3. Which files are SYSPRO system global files?

Upgrading your SYSPRO server and clients to a new version requires some special attention to make sure things don’t go awry. Periodically and sometimes frequently, we want to upgrade SYSPRO. The upgrade can be a minor weekly “port” or significant like a new service pack (SP). If upgrading, we need to preserve existing system parameters, settings files, user profiles, printer assignments, screen customizations, passwords and operator configurations.

Knowing this need, SYSPRO has designed an easy process for upgrades.  Because we use SYSPRO’s standardized deployment architecture suggestions we can follow basic procedures of installation, managing these data points simplifies upgrading.

Example of SYSPRO standard installation “tree”:


syspro file structure 

Certain sub-folders, like those with files to preserve, are located in c:\SYSPRO61\base\settings:

syspro base settings 

You can see files by user-name and other control files such as ADM*.???. These files are SYSPRO administrative control files.

This exercise is a discussion encouraging you to backup SYSPRO environment and user control files, before upgrading SYSPRO. Either major upgrades or weekly-ports, these updates are usually seamless allowing you to go back to work soon after the upgrade process completes. Making sure your data and company operations are secure is a primary motivator for regularly scheduled and pre-upgrade backups. (Always test your backups for recoverability) In a virtual machine environment this becomes much easier by performing "snapshots" of client and server VMs (virtual machines). The backup you do today will prevent headaches of tomorrow.

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