Electronic Signatures Answer To ERP Security

Posted by Gerry Poe

syspro support electronic signaturesE-Signatures (e-sigs) are electronic indication of SYSPRO system user's approval to the contents of enterprise software documents, messages, or data recordings. When electronic signatures are an operative part of ERP transactions, which require normal "stamp-of-approval", are enabled using SYSPRO's Electronic Signatures. Electronic Signatures are a standard part of security and operations control structures for SYSPRO ERP.

SYSPRO's Electronic Signatures gives you centralized control, over whom in your company is allowed to process which transactions and ensures the integrity and security of operations. E-Signatures enables you to manage transactions before they are fully posted/confirmed and provides a full audit trail of who posted what transactions by logging transaction details before and after they are posted. Additionally, transaction notifications can be automated to highlight any inconsistencies in access and data.

E-Sigs’ are like a person’s name written with one’s own hand utilizing electronic technology and acknowledging the act of signing one’s name in an electronic format on processes, transactions and setting security and operator.

When employed in aerospace, I was required to carry my “stamp” at all times. This “signature” was used for all pass/fail acceptance and acknowledgement “transactions” for design and conformance logs. It was saying "I approve" and signed my name.

E-Sigs are auditable records for operators, processes, quality, conformance receiving and shipping. These security enabled transactions document and allow companies to process factory and warehouse processes with full reporting audits scalable to medical device and foods processing standards for 21 CFR Part 11.

E-Signatures ensures your company quality, conformance and reporting requirements are satisfied by using advanced ERP like SYSPRO.

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