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cloudcomputing2Next Generation Enterprise Deployments: An overview of the ERP cloud market
Growing interest in cloud computing is attributable to the rising benefits cloud offers to enterprise, including cost-effective characteristics of application development, maintenance, data storage and IT infrastructure. With the cloud IT technologies are in the hands of third party service providers and the service is cost effectively scalable according to your company’s changing needs.

Transitioning to the cloud

Cloud computing is revolutionizing IT and business services are managed and delivered. With technological advancements, enterprise runs the risk of overstating near-term effects, and perhaps underestimating long-term benefits. The importance is in understanding the value and impact IT developments which could cause companies to invest in capabilities which compromise competitiveness.

Pressing issues

Next-generation security infrastructures and strategies are improving global enterprise IT organizational challenges including securing data on the private and public cloud computing environments. Cloud computing has serious potential globally. Enterprise executives are continuously asking whether it is fact or fiction while looking to address the primary benefits to the enterprise, both long term and short term. Securing cloud and virtual environments is of major concern among enterprise executives and end-users, resulting in cloud providers and virtualization vendors effectively delivering solid cloud security solutions which address their industry issues. Enterprises are encouraged to discover cloud security models as an aspect to the ‘cloud question’.

Cloud due diligence

Great value can to be utilized through cloud computing, but we run the risk of never realizing if we focus on a risk-avoidance approach to due diligence. Worldwide, increasing demand to meet international standards expectations leaves senior executive questioning whether their enterprise is ready to adopt the change. With the influx of business information from the cloud, it is critical to evaluate your processes and whether they are successfully aligned to meet the enterprise industry changes and to further develop and re-strategize corporate processes, carefully considering those factors involved which give benefit for the long term business goals.

The cloud ecosystem

Building a successful cloud architecture may compromises fundamental integration, while each has its own complexities, together, the result must be seamless. Cloud computing is becoming a highly competitive market, and cloud solution providers must deliver high-quality, enterprise-grade services to differentiate themselves from commodity cloud computing providers. Which means diligence must be exercised in the design and planning of the cloud service to ensure products and services are delivered and managed cost-effectively and to high service levels.

Leveraging resources creates the future cloud

The coordination of technology resources to achieve cost savings through scaling, delivery capabilities and interoperability enhancement is crucial to motivating productivity. Enterprises mandates to reduce IT, TOC, improve efficiency and effectiveness, and make access to services convenient.


Is your investment in resiliency appropriate? How do cloud technologies offer business advantages? What cloud measures, in your company, are being utilized and planned?

Using coud technologies improves ability to respond to enterprise grow/shrink with scalable services-on-demand. Increase resouirces one month, and reduce the next. Agility to continue critical business operations while responding to variable needs and returning to normal operations efficiently, is a critical success factor for all organizations. Effective Enterprise Continuity Programs (ECP) and disaster recovery plan (DRP) programs are vital, becoming a necessary cost of doing business. With cloud resources you can count on, when you need them, may give you a business planning edge over the competition.

Reliance on SYSPRO ERP cloud readiness, your enterprise has new flexibility without the concern of purchase, deployment and support staffing increases normally attributable to corporate sizing challenges.

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