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Welcome to the July Tech Tips and News! Symantec shares tech tips we think are hot topics in the technology community. Our goal is to arm you with useful information to help expand your knowledge and grow your company.

In Today's Issue:
Symantec's Mobile Management's 7.2 release includes support for iPhones, Androids and Windows 7 mobile devices.

The rapid proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace is outpacing that of any previous technology and enterprises are moving quickly to address this trend. IT departments are dealing with an explosion of mobile data, application costs, data privacy, and IP protection. As with previous technologies, this new wave of technology must be enabled, secured, and managed to maximize business agility and employee productivity.

SymantecTM Mobile Management helps enterprises confidently enable this new mobile productivity by facilitating scalable, secure, and integrated smartphone and tablet deployments. Mobile Management provides comprehensive visibility and control over all the popular mobile devices such as iPhone®, iPad®, AndroidTM, and Windows® Phone 7.

What's New
SymantecTM Mobile Management 7.2 adds advanced security and mobile device management (MDM) capabilities for Android and Windows Phone 7 devices, and continues pre-existing support for Apple® iOS and Windows® Mobile devices.

Core Functionality
Mobile Management addresses the three core areas of functionality that should be integral to any comprehensive mobile management solution, in a process that is simple and efficient for both IT managers and mobile users:

  1. Enable the device for use in the corporate environment. This includes providing access to key corporate assets, such as email, calendars, critical mobile applications, documents, and media content.
  2. Secure the device and the data that is stored on it or passes through it. This includes activating appropriate password and access controls as well as maintaining separation of corporate data from personal data.
  3. Manage all devices from a central location, with real-time access to inventory, configuration, and help desk functions. Built on a proven enterprise-scale platform and natively integrated with AltirisTM Client Management Suite from SymantecTM, Mobile Management can support 20,000+ devices from a single server.

Why Symantec Enterprise
Enterprise Scalable Device Management: Built on Symantec's industry-leading endpoint management platform, Mobile Management is the first product to bring the benefits of scalability and maturity to the MDM market. Enterprises can leverage this proven platform to adapt and act on the full range of enterprise use cases, from "bring-your-own device" to corporate owned and regulated paradigms, and ultimately achieve improved productivity, business optimization, and a competitive edge.

Holistic Security: Symantec helps protect mobile data, applications, and networks with the most trusted information, infrastructure, and identity protection technologies. Symantec's broad portfolio of enterprise security products, from authentication to encryption and data leakage prevention, provide the comprehensive protection needed to secure new mobile environments. With a holistic approach to mobile security, Symantec mitigates the administrative complexities of multiple point products, increases operational effectiveness, and helps sustain compliance across all computing devices.

Integrated Management: Symantec allows efficient execution of enterprise IT initiatives with the industry's most comprehensive lifecycle management solution for smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and servers. Symantec solutions provide a common framework to standardize management of multiple mobile platforms, initiatives, and applications. With comprehensive functionality for enablement, security and management, Mobile Management facilitates uncompromised and unconstrained adoption of mobile devices in the enterprise.

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