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erp thin client computing ERP Thin Computing Lean TCO and Lowering IT costs across your enterprise. Between lower capital investments for deployment, reduced maintenance and administrative costs, and lower energy bills, thin clients’ TCO is much lower than traditional PCs.

IT departments with PC management who are concerned about unit counts, support hours and personnel workloads, may consider thin client technology a real benefit..

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Thin client computers can be purchased for as low as $149 each, drastically lowering deployment costs when compared to a PC environment. They can also last between 7-10 years and require lower ongoing expenditures and administrative costs. On average thin clients can save companies nearly $1,000 per seat in maintenance costs. Thin clients also use anywhere from 8-10 watts of power, compared to 150 watts for PCs. These green benefits help companies save an upwards of nearly 85% on their power costs.

With reductions in deployment, lifecycles and TCO, thin clients offer enterprise leaner operations and green benefits to the bottom line.

However, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) dramatically by consolidating server hardware. Nearly 50% of respondents to the Yankee Group 2008-2009 Global Virtualization Deployment and Usage Survey said that virtualization helped them save money. Only a small 4% minority of the survey respondents indicated that virtualization had not enabled them to lower their TCO.

Virtualizing the OS on powerful data center servers and delivering it to lower power thin clients via the LAN proved to be an effective strategy. Contact to request the Gartner desktop virtualization TCO report.

What it takes:

Your enterprise platform will benefit from less power, early adoption and quick ease-of-integration. Thin clients in an environment with ERP software combine lower TCO and sustainable technologies with longer ROI cycles.

Utilizing many-to-one users to server connect points, such as Microsoft terminal Services, your computers become a single point of maintenance, not 250 individual PCS. With a thin client computing model, your IT personnel can focus on supporting many users from a single point effort. Each thin-client-server is capable of supporting many users, applications, databases, accounting and manufacturing software. Without the need to deploy and separately install each PC’s software compliment, your IT staff is released to manage more important tasks.

Client-Driven and Energy-Efficient Thin Client

A complete end to end virtualization or cloud computing includes low cost computing, energy efficiency and centralized management.

Regardless the worker profiles, ranging from task worker to high demand graphic designers, thin client provides an efficient and green alternative to one-to-one computing investment. A thin Client solution consists of broad range of energy saving 5 watts per endpoint device.

Thin Client = Safe Client

A Thin client has no local footprint and allows remote management and provisioning via Device Manager Software. For mission-critical or line of business (LOB) data over thousands of users, thin clients offer an affordable, low-maintenance solution. A primary concern for many enterprises is the handling of data security or records archive required by regulatory mandates, thin clients rise to the challenge with ease of managed solutions by guarding sensitive data, centrally.


Manufacturing is moving global. Adoption of global sourcing and just-in-time production transformed the manufacturing industry and increased the importance of coordination and collaboration across supply chains and functional teams. Connecting suppliers, business partners and functional teams ensures stakeholders access to identical information and processes. LAN-to-LAN networking and large file sharing are examples of applications enabling the necessary cooperation to manage complex relationships.

Manufacturing software like scheduling, ERP, or database, can be utilized anywhere within a facility or job site in a thin client with an internet browser installed. Thin client computing makes our products fit our customers instead of making our customers fit our products. We are known for providing the best customer service and innovative, yet affordable, manufacturing "thin" solutions to our clients.

  • Modular. Add just the functionality you want to your system.
  • Portable. Our solutions run across multiple platforms on Windows CE, XPe, WES or Linux in all-in-one integrated, net-book, and desktop form factor.
  • Extendible. We can easily add new functionality to our thin clients as your needs change by applying patches or adding required options.
  • Scalable. Our solutions are compatible with ICA, RDP, PCoIP or other connection brokers to help you quickly access the "Cloud" or Software as a Service (SaaS).
  • Our Specialties We specialize in customizing manufacturing execution endpoints for manufacturing.

Instant Ready for Point of Sale with Peripheral Compatibility

Retail solutions are about more than cash drawers, receipt printers, barcode scanners and other POS peripherals.  Transform your desktop to ‘thin client’ with robust, powerful peripherals as well as combine Point-of-Sale, accounting, scheduling, back office and customer tracking into one, comprehensible platform. We dive in to confirm that the software, system and platform are optimal for your business. With full wired or wireless network support, mobile access, web store and multi-site FTP option, thin client computing for retail solutions provide these advantages:


With increasing HIPPA mandates as well as other regulations, thin clients are the cost effective, secure solution for healthcare professionals to access. The use-case begins with the healthcare staff accessing their virtual desktop or server based computing environment via proxy card, single sign on (SSO) to remote applications.

Time is money. Because of the importance of network reliability, financial firms place considerable more emphasis on strict SLAs. CIOs list strict SLAs as an important or very important issue when considering Ethernet WAN or wireless broadband in thin client endpoints.

The timing for thin computing is maturing along with desktop virtualization to deliver the rich user experience including multi-display, multimedia, and application streaming without compromise. There is no doubt that financial institutions need reliable (anytime) and secure (anywhere) access. Santa Clarita Consultants provides the cost effective platform and the management solution with Thin Client Device Manager which supports legacy as well as hybrid computing environments.

Thin client technologies have integrated wireless internal smart card reader configuration options providing unprecedented customization solutions to meet your functional workflow requirements.

Complimentary Technologies

With additions, such as, touch-screen displays, barcode scanners, wireless mobility, placement, use and functional applications for thin client computing devices allows an enterprise full access to all enterprise resources without the maintenance and costs usually associated with these deployments.

Thin Computing Services - Solutions That Fit You

Santa Clarita Consultants offers a wide range of professional services to complement our thin computing clients and software solutions. Our services cover from site survey, installation and training, as well as software and maintenance services. The goal is to make sure the solutions you deploy fit right into your daily operation and workflow. Instead of nickel and dime approaches, you can trust with our thin computing services on a specific engagement or on a regular consulting basis.

Our EnterpriseWise™ Thin Computing Services will help you get the most out of your thin computing investment. Our desktop specialists are experts at hands-on deployments, solving problems, creating and maintaining custom solutions, and training your staff.

If you have questions about Thin Client Computing for your organization, contact myself or one of my staff here.


For a comprehensive in-depth look at your enterprise consider downloading The Complete Enterprise (ERP) Self Assessment.

 Download the Checklist: The Complete Enterprise  (ERP) Self Assessment


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