The Five Systems of Success

Posted by Gerry Poe

Here is my belief:  To be effective, you must understand the Five Systems of Success.  You must understand not only your direction but also have your destination clearly marked.  Putting the pieces together over 25 years, I developed the Five Systems of Success to ensure success within business, projects and each business relationship.

Here are the Five/Six Systems of Success:

  1. Start with your Vision – have clarity and purpose
  2. Build the Infrastructure – have the necessary tools and resources to support your vision
  3. Create Integration – make it all come together with synergy and symmetry
  4. Execute Implementation – just do it – use your plan
  5. Realize Actualization – include rewards, celebration and acknowledgement for your accomplishments
  6. Get feedback - with feedback, you get confirmation or redirection

Think of it like a reverse pyramid of needs. I think if we have no vision, we have nowhere to go except “somewhere” without direction. These steps are for family, total personage, singular projects, life, business, community, and country.

Without a belief and clarity of purpose, you will wander around trying to make it, but always miss the target – because there isn’t one.

With every project, business venture or even in personal life, I use this Five Systems of Success.

The best ERP software can help to ensure the Five Systems of Success but not every ERP consultant understands the bigger picture.  Many ERP consultants are thinking "sell software".  Without the foundation of the Five Systems of Success, ERP software may become another barrier to success and an expensive system that will take years to achieve an ROI.

If you believe as I do that the Five Systems for Success are a must for your business but you are unsure of how to take the next step, please don't hesitate to contact me.  As you will see from many testimonials, I have been helping business owners for over 25 years take control of their business processes.  I would enjoy learning about your vision.  My company has a serious passion for helping business owners and it has become more important than ever in these especially tough times.

Contact myself or one of my staff here.

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"Clarity is the cornerstone of purpose." ~ Gerald L. Poe

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