5-Piece ERP Point of Sale (POS) Solution Enables Manufacturers & Distributors to Increase Retail Improvement

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5-Piece Point of Sale Solution Manages Orders/Inventory, Transit, Cash/Card Programs; Single Code Integration into SYSPRO ERP, Any Device, Web Connected or Disconnected

BOSTON -- JUNE 28, 2012 -- SYSPRO, a developer of best-of-breed, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, announced today the immediate availability of a new point-of-sale (POS) retailing solution that provides a wide variety of retailing management and market capabilities.  The announcement was made today at the annual Grape Escape analyst event in Boston, attended by 27 of the world’s leading enterprise software analysts.

Called SYSPRO Point of Sale, the new solution is built on single source code under-pinning SYSPRO’s powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that is in use by more than 14,500 companies worldwide. SYSPRO Point of Sale contains more than a dozen new features/functions useful for managing everything from ordering, through inventory management and transit and on the front-end the transactions, daily/period cash-outs and card-based customer loyalty programs. SYSPRO Point of Sale is an ideal match for SYSPRO ERP companies that are improving their margins by cutting reliance on intermediary companies and managing the end-to-end manufacturing/distribution/retailing chain independently.

SYSPRO has a large number of smaller and mid-sized companies that, like SYSPRO, compete against multi-billion dollar competitors, yet grow and thrive because they offer better, specialized and/or unique capabilities,” said Brian Stein, CEO of SYSPRO USA.  “One of the foundational ways for achieving success is to be smarter about targeting areas where you can deliver solutions yourself end-to-end and cut out profit-sapping (and often inferior) ‘middle men.’ SYSPRO is delivering a single-code, highly integratable enterprise software solution, versus trying to bolt on extensions like so many other ERP companies.  It gives us better control of our own operations, and it similarly advantages our customers and partners.  This is a great tool for companies who want to reap the quality, control and margin benefits resulting from managing their own production through sales cycles.”

SYSPRO management further explains that the new point-of-sale solution benefits manufacturers and distributors with complex pricing configurations, such as found in the electronics, machinery and equipment, food and medical device sectors -- industries where SYSPRO has deep vertical market presence.  “This is about empowerment from a visibility, analysis and cost and cash-related decision-making standpoint,” Stein explains.  “A high percentage of SYSPRO customers are both manufacturers and retailers, like Apple distributor Core Computer Business.  We’re simplifying the complexities involved in the entire order through sale cycle.”

Multiple Capabilities, 5 Core Build-to-Buy Processes 

SYSPRO Point of Sale embeds intelligence into this complete cycle for retail oriented manufacturers and distributors, including these areas:

  • Customized Order Entry – including mobile tellers with touch screen-based category and catalogue browsing for customers, plus complex pricing and configuration requirements on the back end for the manufacturer/distributor;
  • Inventory Management – including supply management and stock visibility at sales locations;
  • Shipping/Transit – including cost management  and tracking via lots, serials and bins;
  • Store Management – including multiple payments, invoicing, end of day closes and cash ups (facilitated by automated bar code scanning and cash integration);
  • Customer and Loyalty Card Management – including a comprehensive system spanning frequent customer recognition through rapid authorizations that speed purchase throughput.  SYSPRO Point of Sale also covers the warranty and returns functions.

SYSPRO Point of Sale is part of SYSPRO’s fully integrated ERP suite.  It offers uninterrupted service via an “always on” offline option in the event of network outages.  The integration points into SYSPRO’s Contact Management module also provide great advantages both for sales/prospecting purposes, as well as management and updating of credit lines and limits.

The best ERP Software is no accident. SYSRO, for over 30 years, has been the winner for more than 14,000 enterprises worldwide.

Knowing where you are, with trust in your enterprise tool-set, helps define where to start. For the best possible outcomes, do your internal systems align; people, technologies, and enterprise software?

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